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Thread: Marria at Lotus

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    Marria at Lotus

    Had a friend stop by Lotus again right at closing to see what deals he could have.

    Came right in and asked for a quick HJ. Marria greeted him and told him to go to the first room. He asked for a quick HJ for 40 and she then went out to the owner? to ask if it was ok. She came back in and told him to get naked. He obliged. Marria was Asian of course. Nice natural tits and she wasn't fat either. Was actually pleasant to be with. Started working on the job at hand and then lifted her shirt up and proceeded to rub her tits on his cock. She says this time for free. No problem. Rubbed the boys good while stroking. A decent hj for sure. Cleaned him up and gave him her cell to call. He has since lost the number but did try to make an attempt to call her and timing didn't work out. If he finds the number I'll let you know that he has it.

    Usually this place is a last resort type of thing and for the $40 bucks he usually spends you can't really go wrong. This time I think there was huge VFM.

    Anyway keep posting!


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    Hey Slim, where is lotus?

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    Off Edm Tr. by the old old Sunset Drive Inn.

    It's in the Calgary Sun. Sorry I don't have the address handy?

    Any fellow punters have the address?

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    hey slim do they offer f/s and do you know rates? are there lots of asians as well?

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    I think they are now closed. I've been by twice now and I don't see any signs?

    Damn. It was fun for a quick and cheap release.

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