My friend had the chance to see Theresa the other night. Was looking for Sabrina but she wasn't in.

Theresa was a E.Indian/Spanish,etc.. kind of mix. He liked what he saw and she had a decent rack which was slightly enhanced. He stayed for the 1/2 and had a decent enough massage. Was not the full 1/2 hour but wasn't clock watching either. Had a decent body. Little bit of a tummy. Went for the topless and was allowed to touch a little but she says her boobs were sore/sensitive. No big deal. Offers FS for 250. Too steep for me. Other prices seemed a little higher. I would go elsewhere for that price.

Had a session with a girl named Tamara at Simply Sensational a few years back and she kind of looked like her. Anyone else have an experience with her and can confirm/deny that?