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Thread: Yaletown providers

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    Question Yaletown providers

    Anyone have a tip for a sub-250, sub 35 yr old provider in Yaletown?



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    Haven't seen Taylor, but thanks.

    Getting good sex for cheap(er) is better than spending $$$+ for an average lay. That's what we all want, no flame intended.


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    Gymnastgirl you tell johnny to not be so cheap yet in Victoria which is almost as expensive as Vancouver the prices are considerably less for in most cases better experiences and better looking ladies.I mean at some of the places if you do the early morning special you can have 3 ladies at what it costs for Taylor.My choice would always be the 3 ladies.

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    gymnastygirl. lighten up. i don't see your website offering discounts or even a price tag. maybe due to the fact you can't afford a website.

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    Good response to gymnastgirl!
    Eventhough cheap stuff are not always good, but ..., expensive stuff are not always good either.

    If a bit pass Yaletown is ok with you, you can try Ophelia.
    There are some private AMP in Yaletown areas too.

    Shivana (aka Preetika)(EI SP) used to be at Yaletown, but her rate right now is too much.

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