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Thread: Vancouver needs some new talent

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    Vancouver needs some new talent

    Iíve been pursuing this hobby for a lot of years, the last few of them greatly assisted by the internet. Since I now spend most of my time in Vancouver, thatís where I do most of my searching Ė and, after all, half of the fun is in the pursuit. Generally I donít like doing repeats Ė they just never seem to hold the thrill of the first encounter Ė and I obviously have preferences that also tend to limit the field.

    Lately Iím having trouble finding any interesting action. The same old SPís are flogginí the same olí thing month after month, and some year after year. Judging from the response that the Victoria ladies get when theyíre in town, Iíd say Iím not the only one with this problem, and I guess this is just a bit of a whine since I certainly donít have a solution Ė I just keep looking and hoping, looking and hoping. Maybe Iíve been at it too long.

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    New "talent"

    Have you checked out Lisa yet? She only just arrived in town in May. A cute 23-yr. old redhead with an excellent attitude. Try doing a search for her.

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    need new talent and "what is it"?

    I think two days ago 2cums asked a similar question in this Lounge section in his "what is it?" thread.

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    Smile Hello Brooklyn.

    Brooklyn "C'mon - read some of the useless, immature crap on here from seemingly grown men (those are the kind of guys most girls prefer to see). I'd be tempted to pass on Vancouver too......... Alot of people on here, don't make it seem very appealing........."

    But not all of us can write as "appealing" as Pandora.

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    awwww you are quite welcome Gina
    Its comforting feeling safe to post on this board without the street corner competition if you know what i mean.

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    Vancouver needs new men.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourself! Vancouver needs new talent? I hope you're talking about the Canucks.
    Maybe Vancouver needs new men.
    I'm just joking. I love men. But men shouldn't be afraid to tell their honeypies to roleplay. Dress up. Fantasize. I see you PERBerts with your constant, she wouldn't do this position or wasn't a GFE. All you had to do was warm up your honey with a little roleplaying and fetish. That's all.

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    i totally disagree, its all about the cash. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out why women get into the business. making 200 an hour compared to making 8-10 dollars an hour. Women do not get into the profession for altruistic reasons, A friend of mine once told me that a girl is born with a million dollars between her legs and it is so very true. That is reality.

    Most providers do not participate on any boards and it doesnt matter one iota how we as hobbiest treat or dont treat providers. new providers come into the scene or not based on economics and now what is written on this or any other board.

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    It's not just about the cash for ALL but MOST (IMHO)


    You offer one, and a valid, point of view. Here is another.

    The other (and this is only for NON SW SPs) is that somewhere in the order of 3 to 4 out of 10 SPs are sincere and advertise their service in a fair fashion. They give good, if not great, consistent service at a price that is reasonable for what is being bartered and the economic clime. They last in the biz for a long time, if they want to, and often end up with sufficient "regulars" to require neither advertising nor reviews to provide an income stream sufficient for their expectations (while enjoying their chosen profession). They are the SPs that you think "I'll do that again" or "I want to recommend her to my buddies" etc.

    Another 2 or 3 are in it for a quick buck (or, in unfortunate cases, in a quick buck for their "promoter" or other "p" word - some even call the beast a "boyfriend") and service varies considerably depending upon so many things it would make your head spin. They are often recycled and think a new name will remove any trace of former bad performance. They are "OK" on most visits for most men and the term YMMV was invented for these ladies. These are also the ones who can go from a 6/3/3 to a 7/9/8 in back-to-back sessions/reviews and go off the deep end regarding the former but fawn over the latter review. They can appear to have multiple personalities trying to keep up with all the personalities they have created over the years (this is especially hard for those ones that use these boards).

    The final group are sad cases indeed and rarely, if ever, advertise in an honest fashion. They are the rip-off artists who will shill away, pose as men posters, sssssssssspam boards silly and lie about everything from age, to appearance to addictions and beyond. There is no YMMV here - only disappointment and sometimes worse. These make up the horror stories of these boards and amaze those of us who have seen (and written) the many warnings about these SPs that these "ladies" not only remain in business but seeminly have customers. Absolutely mind-boggling. The involvement of "promoters" here can be considerable.

    So, while I agree with the honey/vinegar folksy thought for the evening for the first category of SP, I dare say it doesn't always apply in the other cases. If you want a more recent piece of folk wisdom that does apply to 5 plus out of 10 of the SPs out there today (at least it seems that way most of these days): "You don't always get what you pay for but, one way or another, in the sex trade, you will always get screwed".

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    Well said!!
    horny, smart, pretty.....pick two

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    Yup - but both good and bad


    You have clearly had ups and downs as well. What many SPs just don't get is that if they are not sincere to the core, it shows in so many ways during a session - particularly to more "veteran" hobby folk.

    These boards should be acting as equalizers to weed out the bad and emphasize the good but shilling and promoting are all too frequent. Like yourself, I have come to really appreciate the good encounters. That's what make the bad ones even palatable - knowing that there are good ones out there. I am not sure Vancouver needs more talent - its needs lesser crap that is clogging up the system and confusing the issue (three Sapphires in Van/Vic - only ONE worth seeing, recycled SPs who think at tattoo will go unnoticed . etc. etc.).

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    I'm sure that most of us who've been pooning around for the 20 or 30 years that I have will have been ripped off. Shit, man, I've been ripped off on several continents, probably because, like Squirrel, I'm open and ready for a mutually enjoyable time, while in the sex trade not all is always as it seems. But that's part of the fun - it's the chase. There's that anticipation about the impending encounter. That's why I seldom repeat. And that's also why I run out of SP's that turn my crank. It's not that I want to get ripped off, just that there's a challenge in trying not to get ripped.

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    There are crappy clients, there are crappy SPs - so what?

    Brooklyn Quote:

    "C'mon - read some of the useless, immature crap on here from seemingly grown men (those are the kind of guys most girls prefer to see). I'd be tempted to pass on Vancouver too......... "

    Brooklyn, knife cuts both ways. Not implicating you in any way but some of your, ahem, fellow workers are far from model SPs. Look at some of the crap posts here including the false ones pretending to be men (ala the BigDog glory days).

    As someone who enjoys SPs in many parts of this globe, must say some of the "attitude" with some SPs in Vancouver would make you think that they feel a "Hot Lunch" from them would be a treat that we would all line up for as their shite not only doesn't stink, but we should get on our knees and praise it. All that for ridiculous prices in many cases.

    There are wonderful SPs in Vancouver and, I am sure, good clients. There are morons on both sides and willing to bet in ratios terms, not much difference. Humans will be humans after all. When money and sex are introduced (only thing missing is religion), and all H E double hockey sticks breaks out.

    Just an opinion but you sounded like some sort of spokesperson for SPs across the land that were refusing to come to Vancouver based upon what they read on Perb. How about the men that read some of the shite from SPs on these boards and decide that their money is better spent in other cities? Every knife edge has two sides. Both can cut deeply - best to just play carefully.

    Anyway, you gave a thoughtful post - thought it deserved a response.

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    Smile Brooklyn - your perspective is a bit one-sided me thinks


    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The root of "hot lunches", toe tightness and snatches and other high school (or younger) discussions is with no more than a few posters. Interesting you note shilling as well - that is NOT a laughing matter. Before you generalize, check the initiation of most of the threads that you use to characterize. Yes, those posts are immature but also harmless and isolated. Think about the posts that appeared re. the "assault" recently - that is the true character of most men on these boards.

    I do agree with you on the "hottie" quick thousand or two phenom - see those all the time - they are the ones who garner two or three "great" reviews from newbies and then get one or two from vets and all hell breaks loose.

    I also don't fully agree with the "hide behind" thing. I guess if guys are changing posts every few days but once a guy has been around a while (grudging respect for HD and others) and keeps same handle, people in industry KNOW who he is. Many men here will attest to being asked if they are their handle by many of the "lurker" ladies to which you refer.

    Fact remains - service in Vancouver could be better for the price structure that has developed. A few SPs do a great job in setting the standard for service and that, as much as anything, is what makes other SPs (posters and lurkers) as upset as anything else IMHO.

    Boards like these expose the Catalinas, Selenas, etc. etc. which, if you are a good SP, should be thankful for. They also bring out some of the more immature side of some - ignore it.

    If SPs are avoiding Vancouver based upon what they see here on PERB - where the main theme is good and consistent service to GENTLEMEN at a cost that makes sense - then those SPs are not what the gents in Vancouver want anyway.

    And that is MY "opinion".

    P.S. "a bunch of young hotties come in to make a quick thousand bucks off of the first five idiots they can target" - boy, you got that right! Moreover, it doesn't need to be a young hottie. It can be a downright nightmare who has a great PROMOTER and enhanced photos (of someone else or herself 20 years before) and a slick website. Want 30+ examples?!

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    Wink Have fun touring - bring condoms (and batteries just in case!)


    In your travels, leave your razor at home but keep your obvious sense of humour and self-esteem.

    Have fun.


    P.S. If you will look at my reviews, I don't overly get off on any particular body type - I like almost all women that can make me laugh and having fun between the sheets. In fact, as Joe Jackson said so well "The Playboy centerfold leaves me cold, and that ain't coz I'm a fag. You Playboys can go play with yourself, that's your style and that's a draaggggggggggggg!"

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    Thumbs up

    Howie...Brooklyn this has been the best read on the board yet.

    Two thumbs up.

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