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Thread: Hockey Clubs?

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    Unhappy Hockey Clubs?

    Boy its getting disgusting the way the rich teams are stacking their teams. How about the move by the Colorado Avalanche today signing both Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya to their already deep team? They are turning into another New York Rangers signing every high priced player that comes on the market. Hopefully they self destruct like the Rangers. Too bad they are in the same division as the Canucks.

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    Oh God i didn't here that. Lets just give them the cup.

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    Major pay cuts.

    I'm surprised at the major pay cuts they took. From $10 million down to a measly $1.2 million for Kariya. Selanne went from $8 million 2 years ago, to $6.5 million last year, to only $5.8 million with the Avalanche. Lucky to have the same agent to package deal them.

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