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Thread: Vancouver spreadsheet

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    Vancouver spreadsheet

    sorry for the lack of updates... i've been trying to contact various MPs and hopin that they would give info on their girls... zero replies so far... just wondering if anyone's got contact with MPs.. and if they can help out

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    details on Brandee Lee are off - her waist size is larger, hips closer to 40 - a BBW type

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    found the details - Brandee Lee's website is rather flattering (ie wrong) however her EC ad is closer to the truth 38c-32-40

    Based on my in person viewing, I would have said Honey's breasts were larger but her website says the same as what you have.

    I know Surrey's Angel is older than 25 but likely not by much.

    Catalina has been 24 for a long time now - I suspect she is into her 30's perhaps.

    Having said all that, I can see that you are getting your info from the ladies direct and that is easier than our guesses.

    Keep up the good work!!

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    Excellent work. Keep it up. I know I will be using this. Thanks.

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    Good Work and Thanks

    fotochrome, I really appreicate your effort. Being In and out of the country, its nice to know I have your spreadsheet as a resource and a guide. You know time is the essense!

    Thank you for you time and effort


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    Good concept


    Great concept - only problem will be keeping reality in there. For instance, Catalina is AT LEAST 35. Trust me, I saw her nearly 10 years ago and she advertised as 24 then.

    Do you want updates by pm?

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    updates by pm would be great, i've gotten a couple from ppl, and i'll put them into the website when i get a time to update them, thanx

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    Good Luck Fotochrome

    I tried to do what you are doing 3 years ago. I found it was too much work though to keep up to date.

    It WAS successful though - I even had my own link on TBD.

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    just checked the stats on the site, and found that i got linked to the TRB..! lol now i got my own link to TRB as well!
    I'll be adding new sections to the spreadsheet, got a lotta feedbacks, and i'm working on it to make it better!

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