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Thread: To clarify some things-Angry doey speaks out

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    To clarify some things-Angry doey speaks out

    I was under the impression that I could advertise here for free but thanks for correcting me instead of kicking me off for one little mistake!!!!!!!

    I have been wronged in the Seattle community by a few jelouse fat escorts, an old agency, and a vengfull photographer.

    They actually joined togeather and got me removed from every populer hobbyest board in the Seattle Area. Now I no longer have the prottection of an online community and I have no idea of the character or refrence of anyone that I see other than standard screening methods.

    please let me tell my side of the story because no one else will let me.

    What they have said about me

    1. I am underage- listen I have shown every client my ID who has asked PLUS I did the cum fiesta site and they requir two forms of ID.

    2. I have a pimp- Um, this myth orginated from about sixth months ago when my than boyfreind called up Alice escorts and chewed her out for tricking me out of money. He went to U dub and he was as far away from a pimp as you could imagine. I have had a few clients show up afraid that some big black guy was going to come out and jump them only to later find out that I dont even have a boyfreind now!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I cheat agencies out of their money- I have only worked for one agency-alice escorts- and after thourougly investigating claims that she "takes faulse advertising costs from her girls" I simply kept 100 percent of my session money for two clients who I both provided full service too and took back the money she took from me.

    4.The amature photographer- Like many people on these boards I have trusted people's intencions in helping me. A man told me he would do photographry for trade and that he had an exceptionally great camera. Well his photography did get me the calls but it was not worth a 200 dollar session. For that price I could have got something that wasnt so dark and so pixilated. I mentioned his falure on the board and he wrote a fake bad review about me. He also became enranged when I refused to be his girlfreind and said I used him for his pathetic pictures. I never promised I would date him. He is a lot older than me. I think hes like 50 and I am 18 so what KIND OF relationship would that be?

    5. I am crazy and sexually perverted- Well oK i AM A BIT kinky like a lot of people but I wont engage in illegal talk of touching children or being touched as a child-this is illegal and sick. I might be into playing the daddy daughter roleplay but I am always 18 in it and the person is never my real dad. This was another reason why I was removed. Also I am not crazy. I just speak my mind and dont want to lie so that a bunch of people will call me up like all the fat ass bitches have to do on the trb board to get calls because they are too fat and old to get guys who want to donate to them. I would rather have guys come to me because they are intersted in me and like my service. It sickens me how fake people are. But I guess if they wern't so fake and didnt kiss up they would have to go get jobs at the local mcdonolds.

    ANyways EVERYbody else on thits board gets to cuss so please dont kick me off hear for cussing or saying what I feel. I think I should be ab;le to say bitch and fat ass hoe if I want to. I hate my words being censored for grammer as well as profanity.

    In coconclusion, I have met many wounderful people in this community but it only takes a couple rotton ones to make it a bad experience.

    By Doey

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    Sugar Puff !! You ROCK !!

  3. #3 don't have a boyfriend now...hmmm...too bad you live in Seattle...& it's too bad you got ousted from the other boards. Welcome to PERB!
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    For F*** sakes, think before you post.

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    Hi Doey,

    I just wanted to say welcome to the PERB!

    Sabrina xo

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    There's a whole thread about you, Doey, in the Victoria Escorts section. We'd love to meet you, plan a road trip!

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    Some people are driven by jelousy-do not allow that to ruin you but be true to yourself and you have nothing to worry about on judgement day! My Granny allways said that I should "kill em with kindness" and they will never get the better of you. Not to mention you will never look bad for highlighting someones downfalls(fat, sloppy bitches). It takes a real woman to win with grace and not stepping on anyones feelings in the process is a reward in itself but only for you-not them!

    Welcome to our board.
    horny, smart, pretty.....pick two

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    hi Doey
    you're cute when you're pissed off at someone (other than me)

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    Re: To clarify some things-Angry doey speaks out

    Originally posted by adorabledoey
    I was under the impression that I could advertise here for free but thanks for correcting me instead of kicking me off for one little mistake!!!!!!!

    By Doey
    You were not kicked out, or else you wouldn`t be able to post.
    Only the posts that were violating the rules were deleted.

    From my post in Dec 2002.

    From Dec 1 2002 we are restricting the use of the Advertiser forum to those who have placed an ad in the PERB database.

    The database is located at the front page:

    If you require more details or have problems signing up please email [email protected]

    It does not make sense to charge some advertisers while allowing others to self promote for free.

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    I think I've read enough that there seems to be a demand for her in Vancouver...but you know what...from what I've read in another thread, she doesn't seem to respond to any e-mails from what it seems...hmmm...

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