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    Daemon Reviews

    Hi everyone just thought I would break the silence, give some reviews and such.
    Most of them will be on the L/S/A scale.
    Jessie-At Fantasy
    Beautiful woman, chose her as my first in this hobby, like peopl say she is great, for a more mature lady she is quit beautiful too, that trick she does with the safe is great. Definate first for first tymers.
    Victoria-At Pleasure point
    (now she is at another studio)
    Was really fun and open, great conversation, short massage, and it was cause our session was rushed as she had another client coming in. 8/7/7
    Myah-At Fantasy
    Had a real fun time with her, really nice, has some nice piercings, good massage, no rush.
    Meko-At Fantasy
    Was a nice tight lil package, good massage, kinda more of a dominant personality and it kinda felt like she was watching the clock a little.
    Shawna-At Fantasy
    First time I saw her she still has braces on, man did that add a lil kink. She doesn't have the braces anymore, but she still is as beautiful as ever. Yes she does watch the action in the mirror, but I kinda like it, I noticed some people don't like that as much on here, honestly it's better than if she were watching the clock. She is the sweetest girl I have met in this hobby. She also has a nice curvy tight body. Great massage as well.
    Crystal-At Penthouse
    Tre Beau girl, she's enhanced but nice n petite. I love her mole too, it adds a clasic look to her face. She needs to warm up to you a lil before your sessions get pretty good.
    Sydney-At Fantasy
    Very nice girl, and yes her voice can be very sexy. The only time I saw her was on her 2nd or 3rd day there, she was very confident then, and I am sure she has only improoved. Gave a nice firm massage.
    Morgan- Formerly at fantasy
    She was fun, not so great at massage, but good at talking, very interesting. Had a lot of stretch marks though. The rest of the package was really nice. Now shes gone though.
    Sarah- At Fantasy
    Wow this girl is great, first girl to tell me joke so funny I had to stop cause I was laughing so hard. Nice lil package, beautiful and really strong hands. Come for the massage, stay for the great sense of humor.
    Rosanna- Formerly of Fantasy
    What can I say, I miss her so much, let me just say that she's the most beautiful of em all. She really had a kind spirit, gentle, great at the tease, great at everything else. Sure you can joke about her forgeting to fill in your card, but come on she was great. Dunno what to say cause she always left me speechless.
    An all arround 10, closest to GFE I have ever had. Miss ya hon, wish you would come back to us.
    p.s. most of my revs are of fantasy cause jessie runs a nice clean ship and I love the girls.

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    I will agree with you on Crystal that she takes a couple of sessions before she "loosens" up a bit...but holy shit hang on when she starts to get crazy with you, you'll be seeing stars and want to have a nap afterwards.

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