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Thread: What type of girls who you like?

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    What type of girls who you like?

    What physical attributes do you look for when you choose an SP? If you are worried about appearing too choosy, don't be. Considering the amount of chedda we pay, you can afford to be choosy.

    Here are my preferences - most are just that, as opposed to hard, fast rules:
    - slim a must (but not to the point of anorexia)
    - smaller height than me (but I won't say no to a taller girl)
    - breast size not an issue, but the bigger the better
    - Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian
    - hair color not an issue, but I love redheads, blondes and strawberry blondes
    - prefer long hair
    - prefer blue or green eyes
    - prefer fair skin on Caucasian SPs, esp redheads
    - few or no tattoos

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    nice thread. havn't seen one of these on here and think they'd be good for narrowing down reccomendations.

    -slim (not annorexic but a nice stomach is definately very nice)
    - between 5' and 5'9"
    -breasts i like smaller (around a b cup max a small c)
    - caucasion , any really.
    - black hair, brwn, blonde, redheads, all good but more partial to black hair.
    - prefer shorter hair
    - blue or brown eyes
    - tattoo's are good, so are piercings. would be a hypocrit if i said i didn't like either cause i have two tats and used to have piercings.

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    OK, this is one thing I'm sure about so here goes.

    - Long brunette hair (#1 fav)
    - Petite, say 5'4" or even smaller
    - Nice curves bordering on voluptuous but not BBW
    - Real breasts are preferred, but quality work is always appreciated :-)
    - No body piercings
    - Tattoo's are OK as long as they are tasteful
    - Details such as manicured fingers, toes, clean shaven, etc.
    - Latino preferred but it's all good

    And last but not least a soft sexy voice that starts your heart racing the minute you meet. Minnie Mouse need not apply.

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    Hmmm, this one is easy...

    Long blonde hair
    age 25 to 35
    pretty face with clear skin
    slim to athletic build
    petite (5'0" to 5'5")
    Big breasts C+
    long lips ;-)
    no tatoos
    no kinky piercings
    sexy voice
    engaging personality

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    Shorter than me (tall women freak me out)
    Blonde or brunette (encountered too many crazy redheads!)
    A nice tan is always good
    Breasts big enough to prove that she's female is good enough
    Nice tight ass
    I really prefer the hard body type over the squishy...
    Voice that melts butter
    Brown eyes

    Although I turn a blind eye to almost everything above if they're wearing leather or latex....

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    In my own imagination!!

    Pretty specific!!

    Okay here goes.
    medium upturned enhanced breasts, small nipples.
    slender but not too skinny.
    Good hygeine a must
    hair not an issue like short or long
    Caucasion, asian, latino.
    I love black girls, Caribbean!!
    Shorter than me. I am 6 foot 2.
    Love peircings and tattoos on women, tastefull but love genital rings and belly buttons, and peirced toungeHMMM.
    nice eyes and lips.
    Non smokers prefered.

    Ideal woman for me:: A cross between Beyonce Knowles and Halle Berry, with tatts and peircings, and just a bit slutty.

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    What type of girls who you like?

    Well, height doesn't matter to me.
    Like a little bit of meat on the bones but not too much.
    I do love shorter hair. Color doesn't matter.
    I love blue eyes myself but any color will do.
    Bigger breasts, reasonable ass.
    Pierced Tounge
    Dominate personality. Such as her grabbing you by the balls and taking charge.
    Dirty talker and a teaser.
    Someone who is into fetish and D&S
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    My 2 cents worth

    Not taller than 5' 6"
    Long brunnette hair, the darker the better, although auborn is almost as good.
    Natural breasts, not larger than a C- cup
    slim to athletic build
    no problem with tattoo's and piercings.
    tanned with tan lines

    DISCLAIMER: any or all of the above noted preferences may change on very short notice depending on the presentation of noted assets and/or the condition of the author at time of presentation of said assets. EXCEPT weight, I weigh 190 and don't like to be out weighed by my play mate(s). I said athletic and that DOES NOT included the East German womans weight lifting team.

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    Over 2 hands plus a mouthful big


    Originally posted by Magnus
    Heh heh heh. I might as well throw in my preferences...

    First and foremost... enhanced breasts!
    Long hair
    Above average height
    A sexy voice really helps!

    Thats about it. I'm easy to please. Piercings (especially nipple) make me utterly gag. Tattoos are almost as bad.
    To each his own but can I ask you what the attraction to man made ones is for you?

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    Over 2 hands plus a mouthful big

    Talking How do I lust thee? Let me count the ways

    Hair - Blonde and THICK, a natural yellow blonde not a canned 'white' blonde. No hair anywhere else

    Eyes - Blue, sparkling and alive

    Nose - Petite

    Ears - see Nose, plus must like to have them nibbled on

    Height - 5'5" to 5'7"

    Body Type - Womanly, curves not bones

    Breasts - 36 C's, firm not saggy and above all natural

    Tummy - Firm and Flat

    Butt - Ample but firm, more than a handful per cheek ;-)

    Legs - Long, firm, tanned and above all silky smooth

    Feet - Smallish, nails should be done

    Hands - Small and soft, French Nail Polish, not overly long/fake

    Piercings - Nothing on the face other the earrings and tongue

    Tattoos - Not a turn on but a small tasteful one won't send me running.

    Voice - Oh the voice, sultry and smooth. A well spoke gal is a must. Duh!, Eh?, Uhuh, $&)*#$ are definite turn offs.

    Personality - Truckers need not apply. A woman who knows she's a woman and loves to please a man and for that 30 - 60 minute time frame makes you think that the two of you are the only people in the world.

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    I am a MaryAnn type a guy
    not Ginger

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    In my own imagination!!


    Ginger and Mary Ann would be the ultimate duo. I would play Little buddy. Everyone else would be eaten by cannibals. Except Mrs Howwell. She would serve us food and drinks while in a thong and push up bra.

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    slib build (i'm pretty slim myself)
    fit, not flabby
    breasts max C
    long hair, any color
    really nice eyes
    no tattoos, but a belly ring is OK
    fairly young
    clean and takes good care of herself and her looks

    also very very important...good attitude, good sense of humor, and good to suggestions, knows when to talk and when to perform, not ditzy, but knows enough to have a decent conversation, doesn't try to be fake

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    slim to med but toned build ( i am into fitness so i like the same)
    age-late 20's to mid 30's ( although I have had great experiances with older and younger as well)
    hair color #1brunette/black #2red #3blonde-I prefer dark hair
    Breasts-larger prefered d-dd cup but I have seen some great ladies with b-c cups as well
    A good attitude is a must

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