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    [email protected] side studio

    Visited south side studio this afternoon, was greeted by Echo, mid thirty lady with an enhanced rack. A very friendly lady and really good with her hands. The massage was ok, but the hj was out of this world, she applied the right amount of pressure and she put a big smile on my face when I left.

    L/A/S -- 6/8/9. Overall its a great experience. I will go back for more. The only negative part of the visit was, the studio is small and rundown.

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    I saw Echo on the same day. While she had a great smile I found that she was really watching the clock. Felt very rushed near the end.

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    Saw echo not long ago and had a great time. I must have been a slow day there as she was relaxed and not in a rush with me. Massage was slow and playfull and she allowed lots of exploring durring the reverse. finnished with a mind blowing bj. will see her again for sure.

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