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Thread: Anyone know what happened to Tracy from Kingdom?

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    Anyone know what happened to Tracy from Kingdom?

    Stopped by a few times to kingdom, but the boss said Tracy left the industry.
    They said that she had a bf, bought and sold real estate, owns a few houses and condos and made good income.

    They said she won't be returning, and suggested a few other ladies.

    she couldn't have been that intelligent. She looks like a simple school girl to me that likes to party and have fun all the time. i tried to phone her, but couldn't reach her.
    I think she probably just quit and went to work somewhere else. Has anyone seen her?

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    I am "new" to this board in contributing, but I had been getting good and bad information at different times.

    Back to the question. I saw Tracy at Kingdom a couple months ago and she told me that she would "retire" soon since she has a boyfriend she cares about (not sure if it's the same guy) a lot. She wasn't planning to quit so soon; however, a friend of this boyfriend visited Kingdom and saw her there, though she wasn't serving him. That person went and told her boyfriend, though she was able to convince her boyfriend that it was not true, she was not willing to take more risks.

    When I saw her at that time, it was the first week of the last three weeks she was going to stay in the biz.

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