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Thread: Coming to Vancouver?

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    Coming to Vancouver?

    Hi guys,
    My name is Amber. I have been working at Club Paradise strip club in Las Vegas and have recently started seeing people on a more intimate level if you know what I mean. I am 20 years old with a great body and am considering a trip to Vancouver to visit some friends. Just thought I would drop a note to see if I should planning on getting a hotel room and spending a few extra days with some Vancouver gentlemen. Any interested parties please drop me an email at [email protected] - at which time I can send a pic if so requested.

    Thank-you and see you soon Vancouver!!

    Amber xxoo

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    Avatar looks like Angelina.

    Vancouver market price is $200/hour

    Your post is in the wrong area, you should be in the paid advertiser area.

    Anyway, you do realize that the Vancouver market price is $200 Canadian / hour.

    We won't be paying Vegas U.S. $ prices. As a 20 year old, great body, Vegas Club Paradise strip girl, you have to be conscious of the market.

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    Anyway, you do realize that the Vancouver market price is $200 Canadian / hour.
    Says who? There are many that are higher, and some lower.

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    Wow - I didn't realize that so many guys read this message board. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with encouragement about the trip - by the response in only an afternoon it's safe to say that I will be seeing some of you very soon. As for anyone who wants to question the rate - it is in my opinion extremely low (I did do a quick survey of some of the Vancouver girls) as I provide an extremely pleasurable and exhilirating session. If some of the guys in Vegas knew that was the rate here they'd be flying up just to take advantage of it

    Thanks guys - see you soon!

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    The new pricing in Vancouver is $150 CAD per hour. If you don't like it, then don't come...
    Your Friend,


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    Hamster whats with the attitude?
    If you don't like it, then don't come...
    Lets give this gal the benefit of the doubt first, before we treat her like Lava, Pandora, and know Ophelia. Your Friend --- Kev

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    Yah baby what Ham said...that's a $1.50!!

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    Quit arguing guys! Man...but yeah "Amberbomb"...this ain't Vegas. Don't go advertising our rates...we don't need other guys taking "our" women!

    BTW, isn't Club Paradise by the Hard Rock?
    Last edited by Granola Boy; 06-28-2003 at 03:28 PM.

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    Market price is Canadian $200

    photographer88 is correct the local market price is canadian $200. He didn't say the "only" price is $200, he said the "market" price. amberbomb save your market research, I'll do it for you.

    visiting Gia is charging $$
    visiting Alexa is charging $$
    visiting Cindyinseattle charged $$
    visiting Gina Lee charged $$ - even a PERB special one time!
    visiting Brooklyn, I'll give her a plug, charged $$
    visiting Lava charged $$
    visiting Paige Adams charged $$

    Cindy Spence packaged a 350/2 hour special


    Victoria tried to charge $$$ and she ended up getting low/no responses. And Victoria had one of the finest SP bodies.

    Ayu tried to charge $250 US and failed, lowered to Canadian dollars and still failed.

    Kev you're not trying to raise prices are you.

    Of course amberbomb is free to charge less than $$

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    There are a few high priced SP who charge 300.00 kaylee and kessa. Im not sure how much business they get.

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    Kaylee gets steady business and Kessa I believe hers is growing.

    But those two may not be good examples because they don't count as visiting SPs. A visiting SP has to show up and fill up her schedule to the maximum right away. Kaylee and Kessa can dig in their heels and even go a day or two or even a week without a customer. It is risky to charge above market price. Go ask the allegedly bankrupt Ophelia. Four months, my ass.

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    Kev you're not trying to raise prices are you.
    Kev has no such power. Kev was mearly stating that there is a diversity in rates that SPs charge in Vancouver. The Vancouver SP based web sites, and message boards back what i say, and that is its not 150$ an hour, or 200$, or even 300$. There are to many variables to say its one set price. Its true some gals charge to much, and have to lower prices, others are at 300$ and will be staying there.
    Now should a travelling SP be able to arrive in Vancouver, and charge whatever she feels like. You decide. If your pinching nickels then stay away.

    If amberbomb looks like some of the gals that i have seen in LV,and provides great service then Kev would gladly pay 300$ per hour. But 150$ would be better. --- Kev

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    it is in my opinion extremely low
    I think it may be low in LV, but it is high in BC. Your market research may be too quick and it cannot tell the reality.

    I provide an extremely pleasurable and exhilirating session.
    To be honest, I never see a SP saying they don't give a pleasurable session. Unless you can give us some good reviews about you, it is hard to persuade us to give $$$ to try it. If I have $$$, I rather see Taylor or Kaylee.

    Anyway, have a good trip to Vancouver. The food here is much better than LV. ;-)

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    Guys, guys, guys...

    Don't jump all over the woman for trying.

    If the market won't sustain her prices, she will find that out.

    And if she thinks she can make her prices work, our little rants won't dissuade her.

    Don't you think?

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    Hi shawnvict

    I too would like to know the recommendations of the one called shawnvict.
    Whats your thoughts for example on Deja of HN. Kevs in the worx of setting something up.
    Do you have any input on this very lovely ebony gal? --- Kev

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