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    [email protected] sutra

    I was browsing the Kama sutra website( and came across Destiny( without her face blurred for some pics) She looks quite attractive. Anyone have a session with her. I wish all pics weren't blurred. Facial beauty is extremely important to me and that's an easy way to rule out possible visits.

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    Faces on Websites

    I agree with you acc that it would be nice to see all the girls faces on their websites in order to give you a better idea of what they are like and to avoid any surprises, but truth be told the majority of these girls enjoy their private life away from the studios and don't need every one coming up to them at the supermarket saying " Hey, aren't you that girl on so & so massages website?" Plus I've found that quite a number of these girls don't want their family to find out what they are really doing for a living. Don't want to shock Daddy by having a co-worker some mourning saying "Hey Frank. Isn't this your daughters picture? I thought she told you she worked at a hair salon not a massage parlor?"
    If a girl peeks my interest, I just stop by during her shift and meet her in person. If not what you expected, just say nice meeting you and leave. Most won't take it personally. Not all of us are looking for the same thing in a woman.

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    re destiny

    just a quick thumbs up for destiny shes a little sweetheart from kamloops I have had a very nice time with her 3 times ymmv.I would suggest basic session nude to see how you get along.

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    She says on the website:
    "Maybe you could help me convince my sister to come and work with me to better assist you in getting exactly what you need".

    I find this statement a bit weird.

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