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    Thumbs up some reviews

    I have a couple of reviews from the past couple of months of "research"

    Sheryce at Carries-South: Nice looking brunette, early 20's slim, athletic build, about a 34B with a nice all-over tan. Nice personality with lots of playful banter happening. Good nude reverse, but maybe a bit pricey. Did not inquire about other menu selections. Rating Looks 8, Personality 8 services 7. Worth a second look.

    Samantha at Club Yelina: WOW! I won't bore you with repeating what others have more than adequately described! I could only go for 30 min and opted for a playful reverse, but she gave me the distinct impression that FS might border on a PSE! I will have to do more research to confirm this theory. I will let you know! So far, though, from what I have seen she is a 10/9/9...the 10 is from the russian judge ;-)

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    Thumbs up [email protected]

    I must agree!
    The service this beautiful, blonde girl provides, is as close to a "porn star experience" as I have ever had.
    The money shot, on those breasts, made me feel like a porn star!

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    Question Bambi ?

    While I was at Carrie's I met a lass named Bambi. Young, brunette, not slim, but not overweight either, but she had what had to be really nice, big, soft breasts. MMMM! Has anyone any experiences with this lady? I think she used to work at JYT.

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