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Thread: Talk About a ridiculous Law

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    Just how are they supposed to prove why you were driving in a particular area. These tickets would be easy to fight in court. My guess is that they want to send these tickets out to embarass people. They are probably hoping that if the person has a spouse they will find the ticket and create a whole lot of trouble for the cruiser.

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    oh good grief... there are laws up the wazzoo already. What about the Solicitation law that is currently being reviewed by the Federal Government (Libby Davies, Vancouver East-side MP). Sirlickheralot... keep my posted on this one, okay? (I'm in Edmonton, so I probably wouldn't hear how this turns out otherwise). Thanks

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    Low manhours and low re-offend rate.

    Do you know how many hundreds of police manhours it takes to work on a single marijuana grow op bust? Compare that to the easy pickens to bust the pooning cruiser. Also after that John school, there tends to be a low re-offend percentage for the pooning cruiser. The busted marijuana operation typically just pays the fine, does the time and then re-establishes himself again. Priorities. All screwed up.

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    yep... in the meantime, white collar crime, police corruption and government graft is on the rise.... hmmmmmmm

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