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    LE SW SP's

    In my experience, LE for the most part leave Independants and Indoor girls alone.. Much less itnerested in them unless that are involved with drug trade or a large underage or massive prostitution ring. The independant indoors and angencies "keep the guys off the street and cut down on the spread of STDs and drug use".
    1. Independant indoors and Agencys are concerned with health and such, and use condoms and care. Safety is Sexy, STD's are NOT.
    2. Independant indoors tend not to use drugs. It IS easier to get biz on the streets, but for a low low price. This is also convinient for a quick fix for a drug addicted SW. Agency's generally DON'T want drug using SPs so don't hire them.
    Also I cannot guarantee anything with Independants, Angecys can certainly pose less of a threat to you getting ripped off.
    MIND YOU im NOT saying all SW use drugs hehe.. Just posting my 2 cents from a thread on the review board...
    I LOVE non fiction and read a LOT about topics i am intersted in. this being one of them.

    Thats all!

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    Independents are just as good as any... after all, they are (in Alberta anyway) licenced. Not to mention... if we rip someone off, word gets around and we lose out on business. So it sure isn't good business to rip anyone off. Drugs and this type of work really don't mix and most of the gals I know (indy or agency) avoid same.

    the other thing- escorts simply don't break the law by plying there trade, which is the real reason LE doesn't pay any attention. Why would they? It is also because prostitution is legal that the City's can justify their "take" ... Edmonton has received $250,000 since they began licencing escorts. Not bad for councillors who don't consider themselves to be pimps... not bad at all. spit spit

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    spit spit??
    heheh that was cute!
    And yes i agree indy (thats a cool term) are quite reliable but i had nothing to back it up.. thank you for doing the work in that area for me hehe.

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    I disagree with most of what you said Lisa:


    1) Independant indoors don't use drugs? The amount of sp's who work inside and indy far outnumber the ones outdoors who use hard drugs. By that I mean all girls who are of the caliber that an agency would employ atleast(not low track-we all know they're high) FYI the girls who have pimps that work outside are not on hard drugs and if they were the other girls would force them out eventually due to tradition and policy. They don't want anyone out there dragging down the reputation as well as they don't want LE to harass them about anything especially drugs. If all the girls on high track were junkies then I guarantee the prices would not be attractive and the police would not turn a blind eye as they do now.

    2) It is easy to get biz on the street but for low low price. Not true entirely as the going rate on high track is quite a bit higher generally than an agency. Don't misunderstand me when I say high track I mean Richards and the entire square block we know as high track. I don't really consider any other working girls save a few that work outdoors that are of the same caliber as the girls in the agencies and MP's in Vancouver. Besides if biz was soo easy to come by on the street don't you think the number of girls working out there would not have decreased by half in the last 5 months?

    3) Agencies pose less threat for rip off? Are you sure? I heard recently of an agency who is in favour of it's girls taking the money and claiming they have to give it to the driver and then just taking off! Not to mention that they have drivers that will back the girls if a customer gets aggressive when asked to pay a cancellation fee to the extent of demanding the entire fee even if the girl is not staying at the call! Don't ask me which agency I don't know as they change thier number and name frequently but they do exist I promise.

    4) Agencies are most concerned with STD and health concerns. Nope they are most concerned with making thier money, collecting thier fees, and keeping clientele. Health and STD's are the concern of the individual if that it seems.

    Just my two correct cents.
    horny, smart, pretty.....pick two

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    On a side note, some notables to check out (for books) are: The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander & her newer book I'm not sure what it's called & books by Evelyn Lau...
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    I am not disagreeing with anything anyone had said in this thread, however as in any business you have bosses that care and others that dont. I have heard of agencies that are uncaring and are only there for the money.

    I have worked for the same agency for some time now and I can tell you that the bosses really do care about the Ladies that work there, they do not condone drug use and have actually helped Ladies when they have been in trouble, they pay the Ladies what they are owed and do worry about STDs. They are in the business to make money and it is in their best interest to have Ladies that are happy and healthy.
    Relax and enjoy life!!!!

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    Quote: On a side note, some notables to check out (for books) are: The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander ...
    I was awestruck the first time I read the Happy Hooker (I was 13 years old at the time). I reread it more recently and realize that she (Xaviera) was a lesbian (nothing wrong with that) pimp (something wrong with that). She kept her favorites hopping for the few months they shared her bed and then tossed their asses out for the new fling. And they say guys are bad.....

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    Whether it is Indoor or outdoor, they still have their own safety issues but the best way for the SP to protect herself, is to listen to her very own instinct and follow it. My 0.02!

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    true enough... which is my main gripe with agencies that don't let the girls handle the phones (indy's don't have this problem)... nothing like listening to the caller - I figure if he's unpleasant on the phone, he's not going to be any better in person.

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    Thank you for the vote of confidence in the book grannyknowsbest/Mona. I've never read the book, but was suggested by a friend. The only book I've ever read about sex is "The Book of Sex by "M"". I was about 12 & it was the first book I'd read about sex. It gave a 12 year old who was sheltered from the world & from girls a whole insight into pleasuring women (although this book was from the '70s)...

    Anyway, sorry to digress...

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    I can't remember the title of the book I read about sp life in Hollywood. It was something along the title of "You'll Never Work In This Town Again. There was also a second part series to it and I enjoyed it. It intrigued me to the edge even though that was five yrs ago.

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