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Thread: looking for red hot jenna of vancouver

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    looking for red hot jenna of vancouver


    has anyone seen red hot jenna of vancouver lately?
    she is a strawberry blonde and used to post under hollywood north escorts

    pls drop me a line if you have an email, number or web page address

    thanks, dorin

    [email protected]

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    The One That Got Away!

    The Hamster never had the chance to probe her love box, but can still visualize her pictures on HN. Too bad she ain't around. She looked hot and if the Hamster remembers correctly, she was quite the fitness freak.
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    I was lucky enough to meet her...

    too bad she isn't around anymore. I would've gone back for sure. She was a total fitness freak! Awesome bod and great personality.

    I would rather be with an average looking chick with a great personality than a knockout who couldn't wait for you to finish.

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    I saw her when she first started in North Vancouver 6 ? years ago. Very fit and " did'nt just lay there". She retired about 2 yrs ago. Smart too.

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    My First !

    Jenna was my first S/P. That was when she had just moved into an apartment by Denman if I remember correctly. Anyway she had just gotten back from Mexico or Cancun and was tanned and fit. I remember her getting into the session and positioning herself for daty and I got scared and wouldn't dive in !!!! But she was great. Understood where my head was and continued to give me a great time. Wonderful girl.
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