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Thread: Favorite places to eat

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    Favorite places to eat

    I thought I'd start this thread over, so post away!!
    I've never tried Antons, but it's on my list now.
    One of my favorites: Dim sum at the Pink Pearl, on Hastings near Clark.
    Great food for Sunday brunch, a whole mix of people, and the place is packed.
    Gina we are going to need to know the best places in Victoria too, especially for September

    Wheres the smiley with the spaghetti??

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    Avatar looks like Angelina.

    Sun Siu Wah Seafood Restaurant

    I like the Cannery, but often the entrée looks like a giant hubcap plate with a hockey puck entrée in the middle, so I am going to name Sun Siu Wah Seafood Restaurant as my favourite seafood restaurant.

    My favourites:

    -Scalloped lobsters, makes you want to lick the shells, sort of like licking a TOE.
    -Scallops themselves. Unfortunately they always seem to drown the scallops with the gai-line greens, the same way round-eye restaurants like DENNY's can drown your entrée with French Fries.
    -Steamed rock cod, Chinese restaurants should pick out the bones like at the Cannery!
    -Abalone, nice and smooth, not gushy like oysters; ironically it often IS served in oyster sauce, and XO brandy.

    A house specialty dish, which isn’t seafood at all, is the pigeon, it tastes like a smoother younger duck, and less fattening than quail.

    Over-rated dishes list:

    Alaskan King Crab, don’t like those thorny claws, and shredded miniscule meat, even less meat than regular crab.
    Shark’s Fin soup, where’s the shark!? Shark bits are the size of a toothpick.
    Peking duck, should be renamed Peking skin! Or Peking fat!
    Flat bottom fish, always feel dirty, and taste dirty, and those damn bones!

    The Sun-Siu Wah prices are actually modest by round-eye standards. That is because local Chinese restaurants do not have cats, dogs and racoons on the menu, not to mention phoenix and dragon dishes.

    Go to the Richmond location instead of the Main Street location, less robberies.

    I noticed that there is a Morton’s of Chicago buried in the back of the Federal building of Sinclair Centre. Haven’t gone it yet.

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    A nice place is Gothams...better portions than The Cannery (unless you get the steak & seafood combo).

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    Sorry but I would have to say the Waterstreet Cafe, is my new favourite(three years running as number one for me). Lunch is great, friendly, but the evenings, subtle, romantic, and the food is very 'interesting'.

    Location: (south corner from the steam clock on Water street)

    Price : very reasonable, but I've never actually paid myself :-)

    Best meal: I love their trout, amazingly, I don't appreciate trout much, but they have a way of making me crave for it.


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    Could it be after all these years?

    Is this Elaine formerly (or still) for chilly Winnipeg?

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    Awe yes, and thanks for remembering me.

    It's been in the thirties here and we had a very mild winter so I can't even call this Chilly Winterpeg ManiSNOWba anymore! lol

    I'm blushing!

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    Welcome to PERB. You were much of the class that existed on the dog when it was worth going to. Always enjoyed your perspective.

    Still in the biz? Website still up and about?

    Going out on a limb here - but you and Gina Lee seem like twin sisters from different mothers re. your (former) and her (recent) writing styles and approaches to life (at least mirrored by how you write).

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    Thanks for the compliments. My site is still up, but am just running it off the server at the moment. CIRA (Canada's domain registars) pulled my this past feb. without reasoning or warning.

    Click on the www on my posts.

    Gina, ah a lady who has gained much respect in the online community for her posts. I will take the twins comment as a compliment indeed.

    Yes it's a pity the dog fell apart, and even without posting there I still have not found any extra time for emails etc. hehe.


    PS: Gina Lee, Toronto, would be ummm how do you spell, aborgier pommier ? ?? fine cuisine, an excellant wine/single malt selection, and an atmosphere that despite an average thirty year age difference never have they made me or my suitors uncomfortable. Breakfast- the Tulip, where else can you get a porterhouse and eggs for breaky and its okay to eat it all!

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    Anton's is mainly known for the huge portions and not so much for the interesting food. I have trouble rounding up friends to go there since they don't find the food that interesting. A better bet would be to go to Marchello's (sp?) on Commercial around Charles or Napier. When you go there try the Calamari (sp?), a little pricy but worth it. Else you could go to Chianti's on 4th, which is a little like Anton's without the long wait and better food.

    Although I don't mind Pink Pearl for Dim Sum (the shrimp on toast is my secret in addition to the hobby), two other places that I think are better are Floata in CT and Golden Swan on Victoria. The food and service at Floata is quite good when you consider the size of the place (it would be the only place in CT that I would have Dim Sum).


    From what I recall, dragon is cat in Chinese cooking. Some of the more recent arrivals to Canada like to eat meats that would be considered offensive by Western standards. I think that P88 was trying to say that there was a cross subsidity going on where the Chinese were paying more for the off menu items that kept the prices low for the gwailo. I know that Golden Swan got in trouble a few years ago for having bear parts either in the kitchen or at the owner's house less than a block away. I assume eating at some of these places is like going to an AMP you have to be a face they remember before you get full access, but I have not experienced the dual menu myself.


    I have only been to the Sun Sui Wah (SSW) on Main and found it to be good but not outstanding. Some of my friends that have been to both say that the main St location is better than the Richmond. What do you mean by less robberies at the Richmond resturant?

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    Dragon is a reptile isn't it?

    "From what I recall, dragon is cat in Chinese cooking. Some of the more recent arrivals to Canada like to eat meats that would be considered offensive by Western standards."

    Dragon is a reptile substitute isn't it? I thought Chinese cooks would slip in a snake or lizard as the reptile.

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    Chinese food: Phoenix and cat.

    I think phoenix food is a pheasant. A cat isn't really a housecat, but one of those wild racoon related cats, kind of like that SARS cat.

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    Gina will work for food??

    Hmmm... and I can cook too. Ohhh the mind wanders.

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    The left coast
    Fine dining in Victoria?

    South of Gina's naval.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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    Nothing satisfies the hungry track goer like the McDicks on Wall st. & Powell, seriously I eat there all the time.

    The Fresgos on Davie.

    The Denny's on Burrard.

    McPukes and the Booger King down by Science World.
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    victoria, b.c.
    Fave resturants in Victoria;
    Jamicaian Jerk house - small menu, small price,big portions..
    They make they own ginger beer.
    Sadri Indian- a buffet to die for...
    Vietnam village - the best iced coffee. Food is great too.
    McDeath burgers -I would not wish it on my enemies....

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