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    noodle house

    I was downtown recently, and after walking around for a while, crowd-watching, my buddy and I thought about having a bite to eat. I have heard about a pretty good noodle house just off of Robson, but after checking aout a few side streets we gave up and went for a beer somewhere.

    If anyone knows of it, where the heck is it?

    Also, how are all those little Japanese and Korean restaurants that are on the west end of Robson, down by the Tropicana, Riviera etc. They look cheaper than the places further east.

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    Talking Okay!

    Now we have restaurant revieiws. Cool,after a hard night screwing hookers why not grab something to eat.! lol
    There is a good Japanese place right in Granville Mall across from the Capital Six.
    Try it out.

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    Antons on Hastings is a GREAT GREAT GREAT FABULOUS restuaunt.. porstions are MASSIVE (no one leaves w/o taking stuff home) and its like 14.00 per entree.
    Its on E Hastings Burnaby Heights.
    No clue where on robson that place is, in fact i really should explore robson one day soon. Havn't been there yet..
    You can always test out those little places.. order a cali roll they are like 3-6 bux if those are good chances are the rest is.. I am picky on my tempura though.

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    Antons... had pasta there and Lisa is right... food was fabulous and portions massive.

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    OK guys,

    Thanks for your input, but my post was not about reviewing restaurants, although we could always start a thread about everyone's faves.

    It was just a question on the location of a noodle house and if anyone had tried the little places at the west end of Robson. By the way that noodle house may even be called the Shanghai Noodle House, but I wouldn't bet any of my own money on it.

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    mmmm ppls from X-files, Fats Dominos, a guy from Frasier,
    they've all been there

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    I agree Antons is a great pasta place. One downside is that anytime I've gone I had to wait in a long lineup. The portions are huge, if you finish you get a free Antons pen, yipee! I've never finished but I went with a group of people and a buddy of mine finished his entire dinner, bread and dessert. Hes really skinny too, the waitress couldn't believe it.

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    thanks 2cums.

    I'll check it out this week. take one for the team so to speak heheh.

    I'll let you know if there are young asian hotties. And if the food is good too.

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    Gina Lee

    mmm food... hehe. I've been steadily loosing weight so i cannot indulge on a whole cheese cake, but food is a passion of mine as well. Took cook traning for a while. I love to cook and bake! Maybe a little too much heheh i used to spend over 400.00 a month on groceries just baking and cooking for friends!!
    I'm still new to town so im not sure of really great places to eat.. I've also not tried anything foreign (sp?) besides greek (that was recent) and the fried cheese was wonderful.. Other than that the traditional chineese cuisine, Irish (because i am irish, but what a joke.. we boil food for 12 hours and serve) and western.. Started with sushi last year. LOVE that!

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    Cockney king for wonderful Fish n chips in New West. Havana for authentic Cuban food on Commercial Drive. Tony's on Commercial Drive also, for fresh pasta made daily..... the list goes on and on.........

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