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Thread: Anyone Try Cameron???

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    Anyone Try Cameron???

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Cameron who advertises on she looks nice in her pic. Any Details would be great!

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    Cameron query

    Yo Bitmap:

    Try the SEARCH button.


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    Yes, I did. Nice girl.
    DFK, DATY, CBJ, MSOG, no rush service, stayed the full hour. GFE
    no anal.
    Very pretty, about 5 - 10 lbs heavier than the photos but a lot of it seems to have gone to her b(o)(o)bs. She's still really hot, esp by Winnipeg standards. A So far I think she's the best combo for service/looks, or at least as far as for what I look for in a SP.

    Truly good looking SPs are scarce in Winnipeg the few that are available aren't GFE. Cameron seems to break that trend.

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    In my own imagination!!


    Her rates seem really decent as well!!

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    How do you get in touch with her?
    She doesn't have the phone number anymore.
    She never seems to answer emails, and my emails are polite.

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    I emailed her my phone number with a suggested time to call and she called me the next day.

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    Re: Contact

    Originally posted by Packet
    How do you get in touch with her?

    She never seems to answer emails, and my emails are polite.
    I also e-mailed her with no response. Personally, I find it totally pathetic and unprofessional when an SP does not have the decency to reply to an e-mail within a reasonable length of time. I realize they get a lot of e-mails, but that goes with the job. I get a lot of e-mails in my job too, but I find time to answer them. Some SP's feel it is an honor to see them, and if they don't have the time or inclination to do so, well too bad. If an SP does not want to see me, that's fine with me. But let me know in a reasonable timeframe so I can make alternate arrangements. This is why guys try and set up multiple dates at the same time, then end up cancelling the redundant ones. On the other hand, if an SP can't be courteous enough to respond to a polite e-mail, they are probably not going to cut it in other service areas either. Of course, this is all IMHO.
    I used to date a female clown. When I ate her, she tasted funny!

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    I thought her service was awesome. She was on time, courteous and great in the sack. I don't know why she isn't answering other guys' emails. Maybe she enough clients already? Maybe she won't see locals? I know she had metioned she really has to keep things on the DL, so I was under the impression she has a SO or someone that she doesn't want to find out.

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    If this SP is receiving e-mails but not responding, then I agree it's rude and poor business practice. However, since we don't know much about her, I would give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she's out of town. Perhaps she has certain e-mail filters on. I know in my fight against spam, I have many times accidentally blocked out e-mails from friends and business contacts. That's my two cents.

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