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Thread: Chelsea has landed!

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    Talking Chelsea has landed!

    I have been lurking for a few weeks and decided to post a review of a recent experience. I recently had the opportunity to visit with Chelsea at her new place of employ (Pamper Yourself)

    I was a bit skeptical about the location, in a professional building near the Chinook Centre mall, but was pleasantly surprised when Sue (the owner??) proudly showed me the place. It is very clean and nicely appointed. I chose the room with the steam room in it and shortly after showering, Chelsea poked her head in to say hi and that she would be with me shortly. What a gorgeous woman. Mid 20's, petite, blonde with a very pretty face and nice firm 34C rack! Contrary to some reviews, I thought her massage was very nice (especially after my spending 15 minutes in the steam room relaxing). She gave just the right touch, brush and tease to the lads to prompt me to ask about extras. Her enthusiastic reply encouraged me to opt with a CBJ and FS. All in, a definite repeat is required.

    My rating

    9/8/8 (I expect it to improve with practise ;-) )

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    I agree, she is fabulous.
    Great body, friendly attitude, nice menu and boy does she know how to use those tits.
    Have not seen her since she and Tori moved over to Pamper Yourself. I guess I will have to see her at her new address.

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    Any change in rates/service now that they are at PY?

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    A few questions from the newbie (offical hazing commences @ 3 pm local time) if I may. First, I have been thinking on visiting Tori or Chelsea for some time now. Just as I was going to check them out all the sh*t hit the fan with Just Your Touch (according to the CalgaryAdultFun Board anyway). I would "beg" and/or "plead" for anyone that might have a pic of these intgriuing lasses or at least a very DETAILED discription. Second, are either or both of them GFE? Limits? Finally, does Pamper Yourself have a website? Rumor has it that Just Your Touch has a new website, anyone with the addy?

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    Don't think there are any pics around....

    Both are hot:

    Chelsea: petite, slim blonde, smallish fake ones that look real, absolute stunner, but I found service to be unexciting (albeit friendly), full menu available

    Tori: fairly slim tall dirty blonde, big fake ones, limited menu, charges huge $$ for bodyslide, don't get sucked in, it's not worth it

    Hope that helps

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