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    Thumbs up paige adams

    Saw Paige at her new local. Place needs work but I think it will be a real treat if it comes to pass. If any of you in Victoria are handy with electrical, drywall, etc, now is the time to score some browny points!!!
    Paige is everything you read. Beautiful breasts, tasty DATY, and knows that a man also has a number of erogenious zones beyond the one between his legs. Always takes time with this mid-50's guy (fourth visit)to make sure I enjoy myself. Accomodating, different outfits, toys, etc, each time a new experience. This visit, CBJ that got peetie erect, then cowgirl to completion which was fabulous. DATY with Paige above you and you, able to cup those fabulous mammeries, is a sight that should be perserved in film for when you are in your ninties!!
    Maude, I couln't agree more. Paige also recommended someone you did as well for another experience. Looking forward to joining the 'hobby'.

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    Thumbs up Excellent choice for one's initiation!

    You are welcome Paul.

    Keep in touch


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    Cool Paige Withdrawl.....

    I think I'm going into Paige Withdrawl...
    I'ts not hard to have a Great time with her she is always a Class Act!!

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    Please excuse the extra message. Didn't realize there are character limitations to what is written. An extra treat on this last visit to Paige was something called 'cuban's'. Not a cigar but stockings with feet, held up by garters. Something I never got to do in my youth, but Paige provided the opportunity. Fellows, there is nothing like the feel of unhooking a garter, kissing a shapely leg, and rolling the stocking down and off the foot! Highly recommended. Hopefully, she will add some photos of her in them to her website.

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