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    Well I had the chance to go see Kitty @ prestige today it was like living out a fantasy She is a great looking mature lady who will try her best to please. She is very open minded and has a selection of costumes and sexy lingerie that will turn anyone on ( just phone and ask for what you like ). Tight body, personality, great looks, good massage no wonder there isn't much said about her you guys are keeping her a secret so come on guys loosin up share these details please were all looking for the same thing and i'm sure Kitty will provide you with your own fantasy to pass on.

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    I got to visit Kitty many times when she was at Palisades, and chancy you are right, she is good. If any of you guys are looking for the best bbbj you can find, go see Kitty!!! Another fringe benefit is that she is older, so pricing is very reasonable for the experience that she has in pleasing men.

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    Hey bbb2003,

    A little restraint on your postings would do everyone involved some good. Take a queue from chancy, he doesn't outright say 'this and this' "IS" available. Remember YMMV.

    My 2 cents

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