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Thread: Stop The Insanity

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    Exclamation Stop The Insanity

    Would people please post all ISO threads in 411 NOT in the Vancouver Review Section.

    There are way too many "in search of" threads and other assorted posts that are not part of a review or the discussion that follows (questions, clarity, BS detection etc.).

    Mr. Moderator - could you please move many of these. Hopefully this note will stop the future practice - at least for a while.

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    Good point

    Actually - I didn't mind the sushi either!

    Anyway, what sickens me is these "first time" posters (new handles, old issues) doing a ISO for their girl (or themselves) and then "voila", another "rookie" posts glowing review and a legend is born until a vet either smells something (not sushi) or tries her and a real review emerges.

    Got the point?

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    Escort review section.

    I think the "sushi" thread was in the Vancouver Escort section and the "electrical question" thread was in the Victoria Escort section. There was nothing "SP" like about those posts.

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