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    East Indian Nina

    NOTE: This message is also in the East Indian Girls thread. I just wanted to start a new thread to make it more prominent.

    As a happily retired hobbiest, I had something of a surprise yesterday. I received a call from an old fav of mine. Some of you out there know me from a few years back (is it that long already ). I always kept a low profile, but I chatted on numerous occasions with some of the more famous (or perhaps I should say infamous, lol) of you. Those still active under the same handles include Hip, and BH.

    But anyway, back to the point of this post. Much to my great surprise I got a call out of the blue from Nina. Yes I do mean East Indian Nina who used to operate out of downtown Vancouver, and who has been mentioned in numerous threads here recently. Apparently word got to her about it. She got concerned enough to contact me, and asked me to set the record straight. From the look of it, a lot of this activity is due to someone in Surrey putting out an ad that remarkably resembles the one she used to use. But it is not her. She asked me to make it clear that she is in fact retired. She has not worked in the biz for a long time now. She hasn't advertised for almost three years. I personally haven't seen her, if my memory serves, for close two years; and I was definitely a favorite of hers. By the sound of it, a lot of the information recently posted is in fact quite old, and perhaps there was some miscommunication involved by accident. I suspect some of the more farfetched rumors grew due to second or third hand information being embellished accidentally.

    Nina asked me to thank all her previous clients, and she wishes them well, but she wants to close the SP chapter of her life. She respectfully asks that everyone let her retire in peace. She's currently busy with school, and she's going to be getting married! Especially given the latter event, you can understand why she wants to keep things quiet. She also asks that, if you do happen to see her in public, whether it be in a mall or driving down the street, please respect her privacy.

    That said, I should make it clear that I do not have any of her contact information. While I'm sure many of you would like to wish her well, I have no way of reaching her. When she called, her number was blocked. She said she doesn't surf the net, nor does she have a current email address. She apparently found out she was a subject of discussion from a friend of hers who lurks on the boards.

    So there you have it. I just want to emphasize that I got this information first hand, directly from Nina. It was definitely her. I recognized her voice, and I also confirmed it by getting information only she would know. I have many fond memories of her, and given the recurring popularity she seems to have on these boards, a lot of her other former clients do too. I was amazed, after doing a few searches here, by the number of recent posts she's been in; especially considering the amount of time she's been out of the biz. So guys, while there is a shortage of EI providers out there, do Nina a favor and try to keep the reminiscing to private messaging. She wants to start a new chapter, lets let her do it.

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    I agree with you Little Alex
    Let's leave her out of this business and we all wish her well.

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