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Thread: Vancouver hotels

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    Vancouver hotels

    Am looking for something very romantic, preferrably with a jacuzzi tub. What would readers recommend?


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    Tons of places, it all boils down to how much money ya got!
    "The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less."
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    If you are ever in the Edmonton area... the airport is close to Nisku and in Nisku there is a one year old Western Budget that is fresh and clean and sports $59 regular rooms and $89 jacuzzi rooms. Now that's a bargain!

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    Originally posted by makuro
    Tons of places, it all boils down to how much money ya got!
    How about giving me your top three personal choices?

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    Top 3 in Vancouver.

    The top 3 hotels in Vancouver are supposed to be Hotel Vancouver, Four Seasons, and Pan Pacific.

    I haven't checked out the Four Seasons hot tub personally.

    I like the Hotel Vancouver's location the best out of all three and it has the nicest ground floor amenities/neighbour shops.

    Although the Pan Pacific has the best view (of the water) and many (most) heads of state stay there (easy to safeguard with less approaches).

    The Four Seasons is probably the best "chain". Vancouver used to have a Mandarin hotel, which was also arguably up there in the best "chain" category.

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