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Thread: Anyone know who this is?

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    Anyone know who this is?

    Anyone know who this girl is? Has she worked at any of the local incall places or escort agencies ? If so, do you have a review?
    Wanted to search Canbest, but they appear to be closed.
    Feel free to email me with any info you may have on her.

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    I can't think of it at the moment but if you do a search on Google, there is a "backdoor" to get in there...

    However, for Winnipeg, (nice website by the way), that rate seems a little steep...

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    What do you usually pay for outcall per hour? I inquired about rates to just about all the girls listed on Escorts Canada and they all seem to be in the $180-220/hr range. What's the going rate?

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    I don't know about outcall in the 'Peg. I never had time for that (had other commitments) but incall was supposedly around 175.00.

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    Who is Venus? I'm not living in the 'Peg, but I have been there though.

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