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Thread: My 'Wow' encounter ...

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    My 'Wow' encounter ...

    Sat night and VanIslandGuy is cruising around the streets of Victoria .... pretty damn quiet, some girls on Rock Bay that I wouldn't touch with Hipsters wand

    On my way home I see a cutie (older) hitching a ride on Gorge rd ... so I do the quick turn and pick her up.

    Linda is her name ..... I think she may have been reviewed before, but this is the first time I've seen her. Older, but with a really nice body (really soft breasts ! - bwhahaha)

    No problem negotiating bbbj .... just what I was looking for.

    What I wasn't expecting was the toe curling 30 minute experience I got ! ......... definately one of the top 5 ever for VIG ! She would do exactly like I wanted .... slow, wet, lots of licking etc. She would ease off at the right moment to prolong the experience. This was one of those nights when endurance was needed ... and she was a real trooper. I even appologized for taking so long !

    Eventually the car starting spinning and I released like Peter North ! .... I was speachless .... WOW.

    I hope I find her next time I'm in town!
    Sorry, I don't pay extra!

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    you forgot the "BOW" in front of the "WOW".


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    Yeah ... but at 2:00am you can't see the bow .....

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