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Thread: One of Those Days

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    Unhappy One of Those Days

    Had one of those days today. Was in 7-11 and saw a stunning blonde, slim, 5'6", had to be 38D topside and young. Soooooo delicious that after she left, the little brain took over and I had to call every SP in the vicinity. Sara was booked up, Jackie was not answering, Meaghan didn't answer (although had an email from her later to advise she is off this week), didn't want to see Gabriella due to the temperatures and knowing her new place is not well ventilated, and on and on...

    Now I'm pouring my soul out to the fellow PERBers. Try again tomorrow maybe.

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    pokemon did you offer her your Big Gulp? Next time buy her a hot dog.

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    Tell her "I got a hot dog for my pants" Gotta say that the way JFK would on Clone High.

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