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Thread: what is up with madame cleos website?

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    what is up with madame cleos website?

    why on earth would anyone want to pay to see pics of their girls on the website? - it's only four bucks but the thought of giving my credit card info to a massage parlour just doesn't jive for me - i was thinking about going there but if they are already nickel and diming me on the frikkin' website, i don't think so....that is insane...

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    the problem paying for access too their website is that ur paying for one 24 hour access. Say in a month if they hired a ex supermodel gal and u want too check out her pics then you have too pay a addional fee. I paid the fee and a day later their codes dont work. That really pisses me off lol

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    Fool and his money.....


    The are relying upon the fact that there is one born every second.


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    In my own imagination!!

    See how much buissnes they get?

    It might just suprise people. As there are always dumb asses out there!

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    I got that other guy beat. Not only did I pay the fiver for MC, I also did it for Swedish Touch. For the record, I thought that MC had the much better website. But then again, whoever splashed better looking girls can have the better site.

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