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Thread: East Indian Food

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    East Indian Food

    I agree with Gina Lee that two of my favourite things are food and sex. She was asking for recommendations on where to go in Vancouver for East Indian Food. Akbar's Own on W. Broadway at Cypress is wonderful -- elegant and moderately priced. It's Kashmiri style, not flamingly hot. Their palak paneer is to die for.

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    Another very good place is Zimba (sp?) on Edmonds between Canada way and Kingsway. Small place, serves african/indian food, and is great!

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    well... if you are ever in Edmonton, check out Il Forno. Its Italian, not East Indian... but it is, IMHO, the very best for price, quality, quantity and taste. The service is usually decent (although there is one gal in there that seems to drift from time to time)... but overall, this place can't be over-rated!! Very good. And the cooks are flexible - don't want the menu items... the board changes constantly (one special clears, another different replaces it). And if you are still indecisive... they will create something just for you!

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    I never got into E.I. food, even when new and fresh it looked like leftovers.
    Don't take it too seriously, just an opinion.

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    Simba's is located on Edmonds just off of Kingsway in Burnaby. Great food and a small location. I recommend it to anyone who loves spicey food!!!

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    One of my favorite Indian restaurants is All India Sweets on Main St. in the heart of little India. Their veggie buffet is one of the best deals in town. Raga on Broadway and Rubina at KW & Victoria are pretty good, too.

    I travel a lot for work, mostly Europe. If I'm in a strange town, jet lagged, and looking for a predictably good meal I always ask the concierge to point me at an Indian restaurant. Seems every city in the world has a few.

    Butter Chicken.... mmmmm....

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    i am just sick of East Indian food, get to much of it at home

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    Digestion bad.

    All that curry and bad digestion.
    Does it improve DATY?
    Do we enjoy Greek and bunghole?
    Stop recoiling in horror.

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    Quilon Rest in Richmond

    During my last visit to Vancouver I tried Quilon India Restaurant in Richmond (No. 3 and Westminster). This one has a combination of south and north indian foods. I tried both and particularly liked the south indian dosa's. I also enjoyed the cuisine and service at Ragas.

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