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Thread: New Girl Simone At Aristocrat

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    New Girl Simone At Aristocrat

    Recently was going by Arisotcrat and decided to stop and see who was working. I was met at the door by a gorgeous lady by the name of Simone whom I had never seen there before although she said she has been there since February. Works only weekends so maybe that's why I hadn't met her prevoiusly. I would have definately stayed for a session but she was just starting one with another customer and it was close to the end of her shift. She's a beatiful brunette, about 5' 6" or 5" 7", early to mid 20s, with a trim body. I'd like to know if any of my fellow hobbyists have had a chance to pay her a visit yet? We all know that great looks can be one thing and service totally another, as already proven by some of the bad reviews on girls that work here such as: Carly, Amber, Holly and formerly Tara (now at Eurospa).
    By the way, I also met Amber who as previously mentioned is young and pretty, but man is she thin (bordering on anorexic). I would be afraid to break her in half.

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    I've always found Carly at Aristocrats to be fun, easy-going, friendly and definitely attentive to whatever I'm looking for. Add to that a great body, (just like the pics on Eurospa) and it's a package I find irresistible.

    I'm not sure what to make of the emotion stuff posters are putting up here. Never had any problems myself.

    Last time I called Eurospa Carly was gone and that was backed up by several posts around here. If she is back, I'll see her again without hesitation.

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    More clarifications

    I'm not sure what to make of the emotion stuff posters are putting up here. Never had any problems myself.
    Let me explain, as I suspect this is directed to my review of her in another thread.

    When I see a SP, I assess her based on looks, personality and service.

    Looks are important, but only minimally so. As long as a minimum standard is met, I will give them a go. Further assessment is based then on the other 2 criteria

    Personality is important in the early part of the session, when we make small talk, get comfortable with each other, joke around. This too is important, as I can't have fun unless I feel comfortable with the girl.

    The service is most important to me, and can be broken down into 2 parts...the actual mechanics of the act, and her attitude towards the service. People have describe attitude as either GFE (which to me means she enjoys the service as much as you do and does alot of the more intimate aspects), or PSE (to me, that means she may not enjoy it but sure acts like she wants it, and wants it bad..really gets into it.). But I have a third category...BFE (best friend experience) where the girl is nice and friendly, but when the extras start she keeps talking about her dog, or the Oilers, or other irrelevant things. Many of the BFE girls do it because they are uncomfortable with the potential intimacy that might develop, others do it to make it clear that they don't want any intimacy, they are just providing a service (dime store psychology at its best). But I don't want to hear about the Oilers then, I want action. And I don't want to feel like she was just doing me a favour.

    And so I would describe Carly as a BFE...very attractive, attentive girl who would make a great best friend, but not what I want in a SP. Others will have their own opinions though.

    Hope that clarifies things.


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    Sort of.

    I found Carly to be much the GFE then, not at all a BFE. By way of comparison, Gina at Fantasy came on to me also as a GFE.

    Jessie at Fantasy, on the other hand, cranks it up a notch without any coaching at all.

    My own experience with her is not quite a PSE (lets just call it exuberant GFE) but heading in that direction. I would see any of them again without a moment's hesitation. All are darn good in their own way.

    I only have one complaint that I personally find offputting, and that was with Jessie and her "heavy breathing" that was just the wrong stuff at the wrong time (CBJ), but other than that, a tremendously nice lady.

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    Dropped into Aristocrat the other day and was greeted by Amber. Was led into a room and decided to stay and go for extras.

    Looks: Average height, a little longer than shoulder length blonde hair, very pretty face, nice even tan all over, nice bolt-ons but somewhat sensitive as play was restricted. Very very thin though, bordering anorexic as was mentioned earlier. Probably one of the few girls that would look much better with another 10-15 pounds on her. Looks: 7-8, if she puts some meat on her bones I'd up her to a 9. However, if you're looking for an Ally McBeal type she's your gal.

    Attitude: Okay, somewhat talkative but also a little boring and/or forced. Was hard making conversation with her. Tried to fake being into it during the extras but wasn't very convincing. Attitude: 6.

    Service: Massage was mediocre and rushed quickly to the extras. Extras were okay, but certainly nothing memorable. Extras: 6.

    Would I repeat? No. Aristocrat has no shortage of beautiful women with excellent service I don't need to repeat beautiful with mediocre service.

    As always YMMV.

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