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Thread: How do we select a Victoria mod?

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    Smile How do we select a Victoria mod?

    Who is this new Victoria Mod? He seems kind of polite compared to the last mod. Last time Fred let a known SP friendly person infiltrate the mod position, and then we discovered that he was more than just SP friendly, he was a chubby Vixxen attack boy who targetted chubster's enemies.

    How does one apply to be Victoria mod?

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    He is a retired hobbyist who is very familiar with the Victoria area.

    He has never posted on PERB, but has been lurking for quite a while.

    I am sure he will do a good job, lets all wish him well in this challenging task.

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    Nice Going!

    Welcome aboard Allister!

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    How come no classfied ad for mod?

    Not again? How come there was no classified ad for this Victoria mod? Some of us wanted this thankless no fun position.

    It must have been advertised in some washroom, only available for card-carrying PERB union members. Shame on us for not paying our yearly union dues.

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    Lol whistler. you're such a sh*t disturber. Lol.

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    female mod

    Are women allowed to be mod?
    Men stopped writing graphically when they discovered that the mod was too SP friendly.

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