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Thread: Hollywood north escorts!!

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    In my own imagination!!

    Hollywood north escorts!!

    Okay I know we are in Calgary but if we had an agency like this here I would be so broke. The women are awesome looking. Plenty of Exotic black and asian girls. These girls are mostly Indies so I wonder why they are with this agency as well? Anyone on here been with any of these women. Rates, looks, preformances, and so on. I am heading to the coast as soon as I can.

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    Hollywood North is not an agency. It's an advertising vehicle for Indies and Agencies--much like or , or

    I imagine you'll get real excited now!

    And if you're visiting the west coast, you might want to consider a trip to Victoria where you can get real bang for your buck. Most SP's on average charge 150-180 an hour and most offer 1/2 hour sessions. Furthermore there are a disporportionate number of working ladies there in relation to the population.

    Check out or . Amy and Jenna, and Gillian (roommates) on bcdarlings are making quite the reputation. Not quite the PSE of Laiya or Tawny but good just the same. Bust a nut!!! You can book a duo for 300 I believe? Or maybe even a foursome!!! Or check out GinaLee or Dana.

    You might also want to check out the PERB section for Victoria. If you pay my way I'll personally take you on a tour!!
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