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    Escape & Realx

    Massage lover ....any recent info on [email protected] girls....
    I wish I had some news, any news from them, about them.

    Mine is so old, it may be irrelevant. Last summer, I saw a gal. She advertised like an indie, but I know when she gave the address, it was the sameplace (when they were on hillside). She was good, massage was good, attitude good.

    I have not had great experiences with them for many years now. But all it takes is a few perky fresh faces, so I hate to cloud them without it being deserved...

    So, let's get the nitty gritty on E&R....

    calling all reviewers.... comeout whereever you are

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    Cat, Megan, Destiny and Dallas are all amazing. I doubt that anyone would be disappointed with them although as always YMMV. Dallas is a bigger woman but as fit as the others and even more enthusiastic when FS is enjoyed.

    I've reviewed most of them in full detail at some point or another.

    I'm not a fan of Andrea, Sophie and Alex's massage. I've had some bad experiences at E & R and in some cases, definitely got ripped off. Let's leave it at that and focus on the good ones.

    I wish that they would update their website. If you email Ashlee she will arrange duo massages. Only some pairs will work together, however.

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    Just got back from E & R now.

    had a one hour session with my new favourite Gabrielle. Short (5 ft 2, I guess) platinum blonde (natural) with tanned skin. Very pretty face. When the clothes hit the floor the initial impression is that she's a bit on the chunky side but when you get your hands on her, she's solid. B cup gazagas, very nice and natural.

    She's supposed to be 19 and I'll bet she's close to that. Doesn't do FS.

    Now, why she's my new favourite- First, she gives an awesome deep massage. Second, she's the most inventive and self-confident tease I've ever experienced. She spends a lot of time paying attention to the ol' sack and the area around there, so if you don't like that (weirdo!) then don't see her. She alternates between firm pressure and light scratching with her long nails.

    The finish is unbelievable. You have to experience it to understand it. I don't know where she learned her techniques or it just comes natural to her somehow. I'd go see her soon before she leaves the business if I were you....


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    oh yeah.

    I forgot to mention-- Gabrielle smells good too. Doesn't have the "eau du cigarette" that makes me gag when with certain other SPs...


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    Hey Hornyboy

    How do I get a hold of Gabrielle?

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    Smile Gabrielle

    She works at E & R, but not that often. Call Ashlee during the day and she'll probably be able to make arrangements for you.

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    Do you have a phone # ?

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    Originally posted by thumperdogman
    Do you have a phone # ?
    If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

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    I went last week. What a dissapointment, poor massage, overweight girl, and she talked the whole time. I can't even remenber her name, passed herself off as a busty blond

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    Oh Montana

    That could be our Montana that you saw at E&R. It appears she and E&R have made up and are back together so to speak. Its a shame to see the nice ones go...... We still have our 'bodysage' specialist at VE though. Former Playboy model Katia. She offers discount massage plus rates for you hot oil massage lovers who have some tension to 'release'

    Katia's Pic on VE's Website

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