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Thread: My introduction - Please Read

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    My introduction - Please Read

    Hello - I'm the new Victoria Mod.

    I've been quietly watching for over a week and I must say PERB is one spunky board!

    I'm not here to dampen the fires, I enjoy spirited discussion like everyone else but unfortunately there does seem to be a need for some form of moderation.

    I actually will have very little to do with discussions and only interject when things get out of hand. I also intend to ease myself slowly into the moderation job and I wont be answering any questions today.

    However, my philosophy is simple. I draw the line at indiscretion and personal attacks. In my experience, thats been the poison thats ruined previous boards.

    Also numerous posts in a very short time with off-topic discussion usually denotes excessive verbosity and while tolerated will be warned.

    So in honor of my first day (and for ONE DAY only) , I'd like you all to be cordial to each other and stay on topic to make my job a little easier. One day and one day only.

    Thank you!

    Victoria Mod

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    Welcome Victoria Mod - but I think you asking the impossible from this group for even one day - LOL

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    I hope Fred is rewarding you well! Welcome

    When you stop feeling guilt, you are truly free.

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    Welcome back with new tag. Does this mean you will stop participating otherwise?

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    Welcome new mod. What happened to Fred?

    What happened to Fred, is he sick? Quarantined? Is Fred Zed, Fred Dead? He lives in SARSville, is he another SARS victim? Should we send a get well card? Or is he trying out for the Raptors? Can't jump? Trying out for the Leafs?

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    Re: welcome to the wild west!

    Originally posted by Gina Lee
    where trailblazers made history trapping beavers!
    Oh yeah!! BIG Trappers! Heh heh.

    Hi new mod.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    hey Mod!

    Is it okay for me to talk about raunchy mucous-soaked fellatio?

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    dont hold your breath

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    well gina you would be the first woman in history not to take us that simple.

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