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Thread: where are they now ??

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    where are they now ??

    Thought this might be an interesting idea. A thread about ladies who are MIA. Maybe you can find a long lost favorite that has changed names or cities. Here are a few that I havent heard of for a while;
    Jewel (ft.road) cute blonde with great body
    Jewel (chez peirre) hot blonde with arm tattoo gave great millage
    Charlie and Taylor (universal) sweedish twins possibly best times ever
    Linda (chez peirre) Quit?? no idea
    Marie (sweedish touch) my first Mp. will always remember her.

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    One of the first (but not) SP's I saw and consider a gfe, is a girl named Veronica at Good Vibrations in Calgary. She was a regular for about two years. I saw her as Demi when she worked out of Kates. She quit for a while but now is back. When I feel nostalgic I will give her a call.

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    Question Kisha - Swedish Touch

    Kisha from Swedish Touch has recently left their employ (like in the last 3 days).

    Any info on where she's landed?

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    Does anyone know where Linda from Chez peirre went to. No one there said if she quit or what. Did she go to another club??

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    Any one remember Paula from Divine downtown. Redhead with nice firm body. is she still around

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