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Thread: Deleted posts, why?

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    Deleted posts, why?

    I am not associated with Diamond body care, I don't work there, I don't onw it, and I have never visited it, nor do I know any of the girls working there or the owners.

    But I did enjoy reading the posts by Denmother (the owner) and Holly.... (her daughter in law) about the girls that work there. I found her posts informative because they gave the age, physical description, and the hours the girl would work, and the rates (inclusive).

    So why are all of her new posts being deleted as soon as they are posted, and why ae all of her old posts being removed from the archive, and why are others (such as CC, or Seduction) allowed to remain?

    I am not flaming the moderator (that would be self destructive), I would simply like to know. They posted one thread this morning in the wrong spot, then moved it to the advertising section when they realized their mistake, but now both have been deleted again.

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    its really easy you have to pay to advertise on PERB, otherwise you get deleted. --- Kev

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    Maybe there can be a separate section on Perb for banning announcements where the mods can just simply indicate who is banned or suspended and why. I can understand that the mods don't want to have their whole social lives tied up responding to every note on here and by posting simple notices it would be a simple way to inform the users without putting too much "babysitting" duties on the mods.

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