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Thread: Review: Gina Lee (and advice for Pandora)

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    Review: Gina Lee (and advice for Pandora)

    Gina had PM'd me a few weeks back and encouraged me to see her. Scoped out her site and rates. Made an appt last evening. Overall a nice time. No complaints. Nothing fancy on the menu, treated me very well.

    Gina looks like your best friends younger sister, that pretty ballerina in town for the show, or that English teacher in high school. Cute, sultry, classy and pretty all in one, there's a good fantasy memory somewhere in the minds eye.

    After showering I met up with her on the bed. Touching me everywhere, she let me suck on much larger breasts than I expected. Certainly not A cups that I saw somewhere. She got very horny.

    A very tasty and shaved pussy awaited. Very wet very soon.

    CBJ was above average. Then CG, then doggie. We finished doggie. Aparently she came before me but no worries. I ended the session on the bed, as she brought in a nicely warmed towel to clean me up with. Nice time.

    Pandora - go indy. Post honest threads. Market yourself with no inhibitors.

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    Second this one too!

    Hey Gina.....

    How about an up island adventure this summer?

    Say Qualicum, Courtney/Comox, Campbell Creek type adveture?

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