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Thread: Kim and Leslie from vancover escorts

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    Question Kim and Leslie from vancover escorts

    Any one had any experience with either? Especially any info on kim would be appreciated....

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    Question Lesley o Local Escorts

    I am more interested in Lesley. What a doll she is! Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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    Saw Leslie once

    She seemed like a nice girl (personality). She looks exactly like her pictures. Her room was pretty messy. No dirty dishes or food, just clothes all over the place. Room didn't smell bad considering that she and her roommate smokes.

    The session was not bad. I've experienced worse. She's clean and shaved, not clean shaved. She wouldn't do cowgirl. Only tried cbj, missionary and doggy.

    She needs to invest in some lube.

    I wouldn't say she's as bad as some posters have claimed. I guess it just depends on whether or not you two click. Apparently we didn't because she stood me up on our second meeting.

    I hope that wasn’t too vague. I got what I paid for with no attitude.

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    Re: Re: Saw Leslie once

    No offence to you
    None taken. I value a good debate.

    are you sure on this one?
    I'm sure. If I had a truly bad experience with her I would defiantly say it.

    wouldn't you agree that there're a million other fishes for better ROI?
    Yes, well, it's been a long while since I've gotten a good ROI. I paid 2 browns for her time. Like I said, she didn't have an attitude and her body was clean. While we were in "session" she moved her phone out to the living room and she didn't kick me out when I was done. Lately, I've gotten nothing but attitude or false advertisement. I didn't get either from Leslie.

    I admit the session wasn't spectacular, but hey I paid $$. I wouldn't see her again because she stood me up on our second appointment and didn't even offer an explanation.

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