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Thread: best way to find indies

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    best way to find indies

    I know the escort scene in Edmonton sucks and has for a long time. Too much bait and switch over priced and hard to deal with.One great way to find indies is on those chat line phone#s in the back of the sun. On any given day you can find at least half a dozen or more sp's on these lines. Most have a free trial so you can test the waters for free. The best thing here is you can talk to the actual lady you are thinking of seeing so you can more easily determine if she is what you want. Sometimes there are even off duty mp's, agency girls, ad strippers on the phone.
    The ladies using this service are not paying any agency or mp so they are more reasonable with the rates. you can find f/s for three greens and up. Sometimes you can also hook up with 2,3 or more girls acting as a team if you want some wild times.
    When you talk to the ladies you can determine a price ahead of time and discuss with her if she offers what you want. If the lady doesnt sound right for you just stop the call and find someone else. It is an easy way to window shop without paying trip charges.

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    I was trying those singles chat lines for kicks and I ran across a few girls offering such services, the prices are cheep, however when I was on there werent many girls in Edmonton, most were in the city to the south.
    Really wish more of the independent girls would just get a web site.

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    There are usually Edmonton ladies on durring the afternoon an from about 10:30pm and on. Durring the afternoon you can sometimes find off duty agency girls looking to make some side cash. In the evening quite often you can find Mp girls trying to get in some after hours customers. The prices are usually cheap cause the ladies are not paying a cut to an agency or Mp. Note; if you get a Mp girl dont expect the same rate if you see her a week later in a Mp Cause you will be on shop time.

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    In my own imagination!!

    LE on here?

    I would bet my life savings that cops stroll these boards. They just wait till some SP or hobbyist screws up and says something incriminating. Most people falsley beleive that the internet is not policeable. Did you know you can be charged just for accsesing some sites that the police deem undesirable. As for Alexandria way to go!! I admire your courage to be on this board voicing your opinions on subjects most people would be afraid too. PS I have always believed that pros. should be legalized and taxed and subject to health bylaws. It is one service that will never be stamped out. After nuclear war all thats left is cock roaches and the worlds oldest proffesion. Just my thoughts.

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