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    Just my $0.02 worth.

    PERB is for posting escort reviews; and of course, reviews are based on your personal experiences.

    However, there are just too many messages that would be more appropriately exchanged using PM or MSN Messenger. I think some postings are getting ridiculously off track.

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    Exclamation And just who.....

    the hell are you?

    Why not take the time to write a dozen reviews of the un-reviewed ladies you have seen and become a true hobby hero insted of the small dick pest I currently think you are!

    Just my two cents!


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    well put manpower!!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe this person is the relative of hk9999? Why would someone call themselves hk2907068, eh?

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    Question phone number possibly?

    His handle name almost sounds like a phone number. Just name your handle after your ex-girlfriend's phone number! What's the phone number for Bod and Christenson again?

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    HK ect.

    It's his first post, and he has the wisdom to tell us how to use the board. Not! ---Moe

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