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Thread: Twin Escorts...

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    Twin Escorts...

    These are NOT the twins at Velvet Touch, but does anybody know of some blonde twins who used to work outcall? My buddy had one of them last year. They're mid twenties, blonde, pornstar looking chicks? Anybody know if they're still in town?

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    Dirty how? Where are they now? Las Vegas? I guess if you are hot and dirty you should be someplace like Vegas. More money for sure.

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    I knew thee two VERY well. Their names were Charlie and Taylor(also went by Chelsea from time to time).they called themselves the sweedish twins. They used to work at the Thunderdome/goose loonies night club before getting into the Mp line of work. One on one either girl was great (Charlie was my fav.) but together they were almost too uch to handle. Unfortunatly I have not heard from either one for a couple of years now so I have no idea if they are still in the buisness

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    What do you mean by DIRTY. If they did go to Vegas they should make some big $$ cause they did pretty good here in edmonton. Do they have another web site yet.

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    I just read in the sun that the twins from velvet touch have moved to paradise. They often seemed a bit wasted, I wonder if they will clean up at the new place.

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    Has anyone heard where the blonde twins ae these days???

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    Still wondering if anyone has any info on the blonde twins Charlie and Taylor. Would love to see them again. they were my all time favs.

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    Yes I agree. They were my first duo & gave me many a wet dream. Had the enjoyment of seeing each one individually as well. Saw them mostly when they were at the old Universal Studio. I remember them moving later to another studio before they disappeared but can't remember if it was Cloud 9 or Pleasure Point (formally Hooters at the time). I also remember them saying how they were each saving up for laser eye surgery & a new car which they did eventually get. Maybe that's all they were after?

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    They worked at cloud nne for a while as well as velvet touch. Charlie got a new Cheroke while they were at velvet. they also worked at another place but I cant remember the name. I saw them as singles quite a bit but the best was having them together. They did things that sisters dont usually do with each other. My first time with both of them was back when they worked at goose loonies/thunderdome. I wish I knew where they went as I would love another go at them. has anyone seen them lately??

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    I havent heard anything about either set of twins these days. are any of them still around.
    Has any one heard of any other twins that work in thi field.

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