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    Nina on

    Does anybody have a review on her. I am not looking for comments about cost. I am looking to see if anyone has a review regarding an outcall experience. The description on eros mentions nothing about "swedish Touch". She is by far one of the best looking ones in the area. Just seeing what the experience is like?

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    Nothing yet?!

    149 viewings and nobody knows anything? Only threads I've seen so far are pretty much the same as mine with no reviews. I know that 149 is a few check backs but really, we have nothing?

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    There are 2 ninas right now on the one is the same listing as your link from I have gone through the search and all I see pertaining to her is similar questions and arguements of prices. Thanks for the help though.

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    A possible reason for lack of reviews...

    I now subscribe to "if you can't say something nice" so that is possibly why moi, and others, are not posting the review you seek. In a sentence - buyer beware with any of the four letter named ladies of Eros. That's all Howie will say.

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    Four letter words.

    Howie is right about those four letter words: SARS, beef, Nina.
    Oh no Gina is a four letter word.

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    guinea pig

    Hmmm..debating if i should be the magellen an forge new frontiers. Just so much potential there.

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    Eros on Nina.

    Good looking pics. I think her rate was 3 browns.
    But on eros what did we expect.

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    Overall, very few providers that charge 3 browns+ are reviewed here. The ones started at a lower rate and then raised their rates have a few reviews since they built their client base at the lower rate. I think the last new one I read was Kessa.
    The truth is out there

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    Good Point Deke

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    Forget Nina... what's Misha Jordan's rates & service like?

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    I inquired about Nina's rate: she quoted me 10 browns! (no that's not a typo, it 10(ten)) for FS for 1hr.

    I think she did work for The swedish touch, since her pics where there. But with the new version website, her pics are no longer there.

    She told me that she is retiring from the business and is leaving Aug? I think. To go back to Sweden?

    So, if cost is not a problem, you'd better see her before she leaves.

    I do agree...she looks awesome.

    ps: I have see Misha Jordon. I'll write a review later.

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    both websites you listed of Nina , they both are the same NIna from Swedish Touch, who charges 500 for the hour of meet and might be more if more activities are requested.

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    she quoted to you that 10 browns for an hour FS? That is outratreous. I believe Nina is a lot older than her pictures shown on the web. (Can a 30+ SP look like the NIna in the photos, there might be some, but very RARE). I had seen some of her photos posted on the Swedish Touch site before, some photos taken in Europe (she mentioned). I believe those pictures are quite old and they are not very clear. Buyers beware!! I wouldn't want to throw away 10 browns for one hour of service. Not that I am saying Nina is not worth the visit, but I would like to see more reviews before I throw 10 browns away.

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