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    Lightbulb Miss Universe

    Tuesday nite...
    Any perberts watching Miss
    Well, there are scantily clad beautiful women...
    Miss Japan looks like she is "augmented" unless it's possible for an asian girl to have a perfect D cup?
    Any thoughts..?
    I thought if anyone knew falsies it would be you lot...
    Oops they're now doing something about their culture, I gotta run see if Miss Canada's is on the Beaver...
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    I thought all women that wanted to flaunt what they have were "augmented."

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    Augmentation and other

    plastic surgery. Appears that men can't really tell most of the time. Maybe feeling them may erase some doubts.

    60 minutes had a show once that showed how common it was for women (and men) to have plastic surgery in Argentina and Venezuela. Now its everywhere.

    Quite a few SPs have had breast augmentation. .

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    Wink Mine are real.

    But I thought natural was better so what kind of crappy contest would allow that??? Might as well call it "Miss Plastic Universe"!

    The Japanese contestant should have got 2nd I thought (she came 4th) but Miss Venezuela did deserve first. Tall, willowy yet curvy with exquisite delicate features, wow, no SP ever looked that good, sorry fellas. Ironic, Shank, given what you just mentioned.

    Note to self... if rich one day, get any surgery done in Venezuela. PS look that up on a map.

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    I caught some of the show massagegirl.I thought too many of them were boob enhanced, Great looking gals but I much prefer the natural look.I dont care how big(or small) the boobs are just dont enhance them.A nice fit, toned body with perky boobs. What more can a guy ask for????

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    Plastic surgeons have lots of practise in Venezuela.

    Note to self... if rich one day, get any surgery done in Venezuela. PS look that up on a map."

    Venezuela and Argentina have plastic surgery paid by federal medical plan. Noses, chins, and lipo for the men. Noses, chin, lipo, and everything else for the women.

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    Wish I lived in Whistler.

    augmentation surgery in Venezuela.

    Venezuela isn't safe now. Too many riots, bordering on civil war. It was a few months ago, but still you don't want to look like a rich white foreigner, please mug me.

    Speaking of augmentation at these contests.
    I remember when they busted Miss Texas at the Miss USA beauty pageant for stuffing her bra during the bikini contest. Something popped out. She said that she lost 10 pounds and some cm on her chest.
    "There was no way I was going to represent Texas looking like that!"

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    It's not uncommon for some Japanese women to be 'blessed' as you mention. I first noticed it in Hawaii. It was 'Hard' to not notice . The culture chooses to dress to cover up, not show it off.

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    Deformed busts.

    Some Japanese men even think that women are “deformed” if they are too busty like black women. How many busty geishas do we see, they have to be strapped down.

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