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    I just got back into Vancouver. Last time here (Feb or so) I saw this tall , black private dancer at # 5 orange ...think she went by Deja or something like that .... not too pretty , never got a dance from her as she was too pushy and seemed to have bad attitude but had the longest most beautiful legs and nicest ass I have ever seen ! I went to the Orange last Friday nite asked around and one of the girls told me she's positive she's now working escort somewhere in Vancouver and might go by Lexis , Alexus or something like that ... anybody tried her either as private dancer or escort can give a review or know where she works ? If not are there any decent slim tall black s\p's in Vancouver ??

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    might be ot of your neighborhood but there is a lady that is advertising on trb and her name is Jamica

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    CORRECTION ... I found out the name of the dancer \ sp I have been looking for. She goes by TAJA . I am now told she is in Toronto somewhere..if anyone hears of her I would appreciate info she is about 5'11 36 D ( implant ) long legs medium black complection ...about 25 yrs .. oh the meantime i found an excellent replacement while in Edmonton on business last week and what luck ... she is moving to Vancouver 1st of July .... she goes by Missy and was worth every dime of the $300 for 1.5hrs I donated....

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