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Thread: The Switch?

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    The Switch?

    The Hamster is currently in a very difficult situation:

    He's currently seeing an SP, with no time or cum limit to the sessions. Sounds great right...well the Hamster wants more!

    The Hamster wants to date this girl ie. rather than dishing out X amount of money each time he sees her. It's not the money that bothers the Hamster, he just wants to date her and take her out. What's a good way to go about this without ruining a good thing?

    The Hamster thought about taking her out for dinner and some entertainment, then kissing her good nite. Then on the second date, do the same, but maybe come inside for a bit and make out. THen by the third or fourth date, the Hamster will be pumping her for free and the sex will be endless.

    I think all pooners should bow their heads, if the Hamster is successful in breaking down an SP to the complete dating level.
    Your Friend,


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    LOL.... you will be our GOD if you are able to accomplish this Hammy. Something to aspire to....

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    Been there and done that on 2nd date too. Keep this in mind though Hammy, can you handle the fact that there might be 4 guys that did her ahead of you in the day? Or maybe the 20 or so in a week? If you can't handle that fact, then I will strongly advise you to keep what you have now, with the extra perks rather than ruining it all. Otherwise, good luck and we await your report!

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    Wink Just pretend - It's more fun

    Why change a good thing. It's not about the money but it's about the power. The power to say that she's mine and I get her because she wants me. Why do you think she wants you? Because you have the power and power for her is the money.

    Keep it simple, pay her to go on dates and don't complicate a good thing. Have fun and pretend 'cause eventually we all pretend. Or not.

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    Unhappy I have been dating 100's of SP's

    The thing is all these dates end with me tucking a little something into an envelope and leaving said envelope behind. I actually think all these women like me because I am not old and I smell good and I don't fart around them and I don't call them Whore.
    My downfall with these women is always the same. When I forget to take some cash with me they always get mad and then won't ever see me again. I wonder why all the women I "date" seem to associate my love with cash? I will sit down and have a long talk with myself to try and firgure it out. Until then Hamstein good luck.

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    Hamster, I wish you good luck - you are going to need it buddy. I have taken a special SP out for dinner. But there was no playtime as a reward. Was I disappointed - yes a little but it does bring home the fact the a SP is a SP. Only you can decide if you want a SP for a girl friend - personally it would bother me to date a girl knowing that she earned her living playing with other guys. Just call it simple jealously

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    Hamburgler (sorry, Hamster), I have often thought about trying to date an sp, even recently. In the end I relgate my efforts to a con game. It goes like this: the first time I see an sp, I go along with her demands. I'm polite and obedient. "Do you mind if I do this or that", "Can I slip this off", etc.

    By the second appointment, the politeness remains, but the demands get larger. I find myself asking for a bit more access to her skills. "Kiss me here", "Touch this", "Leave that on", "Just 5 minutes longer".

    As the appointments continue and the sp continues to acquiece to my demands, I convince myself she likes me more than anyone else. Why? Because she's still smiling and she's doing everything I want.

    Eventually I'm thinking that if she likes me so much, why am I paying so much? So I start to negotiate for better terms. "I'm a regular so why don't you charge me less, you'll make it up in the long run because I'll visit more often".

    Then the potential of dating surfaces. If I date her I get good-great sex, free blowjobs whenever I want them, handjobs in the car everywhere we drive, fantastic. And it would all be free.

    So the pattern continues. Me trying to exercise more and more power over that particular girl. I end up forgetting about the idea, because I can never be certain I am doing it for love, or just to manipulate her for my advantage. mainly, I don't want to take advantage of a working girl.

    If I wanted free sex with no strings, I would go to a bar and find some drunk bitch to F** and forget, but I'm not that kind of person. I feel better when I show the girl some respect.

    My advice, forgetaboutit!

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    Thumbs up

    This thread reminds me totally of this one:

    Remember this one?

    Good luck Hamster. Remember that she`s a person first & an SP second.

    Older Bolder Wiser But Colder

    Keeping it civil.

    For F*** sakes, think before you post.

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    Yeah...I forgot to mention that too, what Sonny Burnett said...he's totally right. If you try to make her stop, she might leave you...remember...

    "balls of steel"!

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    Been there, done that!!

    It worked out good for me, that is the getting to the "free" point because her car packed it in and she needed some taxi service and one thing led to another and sooner or later we were dating.

    What led up to it was me not giving my had a shake when I realized I was getting to caught up in her. To see her in the beginning meant a small fortune being squandered in rendezvous that sometimes didn't even involve sex, but since I was seeing her on her "work time" I had to contribute like any other john, just that we were moe friendly and easy around each other.

    It was getting to the point where the money was bothering me, it's like I'd rather go back to just fu**ing you if I still have to pay to see you, thats when her car packed it in and sooner or later she was paying me for gas anyway to help her out around town. Which was cool, she didn't do anything in the day other than sleep and see clients that preferred day to night. Then in the evening from say dinner time on I would make my way over and we would hang out, well with the usual 1 to 3 interruptions per night of someone coming over and me having to hide out in the spare bedroom.

    This went on, and on until the relationship wanted to evolve, problem is it couldn't because she was not ready to change her lifestyle and for me the routine was becoming like some sick practical joke. To make a long story short the relationship went the way of the dow-dow.

    Hammy you need nerves of steel to know that your "girlfriend" may have just sucked some guys dik 10 min before you got there, or don't mind hearing that the guy she saw that afternoon took forever to blow his load, etc...

    Also don't kid yourself fu**ing feels great so when she says it's just work, there is always a couple guys who's dik feels as good or better than yours.

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    Maybe I've just been lucky. hitrack, you sound like you've had some pretty shitty experiences. Then again, I've never gotten involved with anyone in the business to the level you have, hitrack. Maybe I'm just an optimist...

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    Lightbulb Yes . . . there is as solution my friend . . .

    . . . and it a worthwhile and surrendered journey. I had a wonderful relationship with an extremely attractive, hot, rock-your-world SP . . . which started with these same long and playful sessions you described. The process of making 'the switch' is not so much about strategy, as it is about surrender. If you really do enjoy her company, you will have some level of mutual respect for each other.

    In my case . . . the switch was attained after I stopped having sex with her. We spent time together, hanging out at fun little places, going for walks in the park and generally getting to know each other in a more meaningful way. We slowly learned to trust each other . . . and then . . . one day, the sex naturally came back into our meetings. When the sex returned, it was better than before . . . without any boundaries . . . and we explored new heights of eroticism together.

    Yes, it was the real thing . . . but it came to us both without a strategem . . . it was all about respect. I hope this little story helps . . . on the long and worthy journey . . . to learn to love without desire.

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    . . . on second read of Hamster.

    It is hard to imagine . . . spontaneous omnipresent evolution.

    Have fun out there!

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    well hammy, i did this for about 18 months and yes the sex was free and unbelievable, but at a cost. i am a pooner, therefor i could not resist the temptation of another hot lady working in the same place. i used to pick up my date after work, take her home, shower and then pump the living hell out of her tight little toe. one day i saw this hot little brunette in there and just had to have her, so i did. when my date found out a couple of weeks later, it was all over, and my heart fell. i got into pooning hoping to sweep a sp off their feet, now i have learned to just do them and leave it at that. good luck hammy

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