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Thread: Deja or Lexus - Dancer \ S\P Vancouver

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    ISO - Deja or Lexus - Dancer \ S\P

    I just got back into Vancouver from Toronto after several months away. Last time here I saw this black , tall hot private dancer at # 5 orange ...think she went by Deja or something like that .... not too pretty , she seemed to have bad attitude but had the longest most beautiful legs and ass I have ever seen ! Never got a dance from her and now one of the girls at #5 told me the other nite she's working the escorts somewhere in Vancouver and might go by Lexis , Alexus or something like that ... anybody know bout her or had given her a go , know where she works ? If so give me a review and if not are there any decent black s\p here in Vancouver ?? thx a lot.
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    what is HNE , E-C ???

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    HNE=Hollywood North Escorts (
    EC=Escorts Canada (

    If you're still looking for that black SP try As a plus, she used to strip. Search for her reviews here under Simone and Vanessa. There's also reviews of her under the name of Shanelle in TERB under BC forum.

    There is also a few black SPs listed on:

    Whomever you decide is right for you, please remember to post a review afterwards!

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    not the same girl ... but thanks ....

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    Lord Lickworthy
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    There is a DEJA on HN

    As of today, Sunday, there is a SP named DEJA who used to be an exotic dancer. In fact she is using her old dance promo card with the name of DEJA DeNairo for her ad on HollywoodNorth.

    Check it out :

    hey italo, let me know if its the same girl you saw



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    no it's not her ... I pretty much gave up but found an excellent replacement on friday nite while in Edmonton on business ... tall dark nice legs etc..... she's coming to vancouver to work beginning July 1st so I guess i am set ... that one you pointed out is not bad ... wonder if anyone has a review on her ????

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    CORRECTION : the girl I was looking for goes by TAJA ... she is 5'11 and 36D ( implants) medium black complection ... I heard last nite she may be in toronto

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    P.S. YAMAN : thx for pointing me to HN ... I notice they have a couple of really hot black ones there ... think I will give a couple of them a go in the next week or so.. do you or anyone have reviews on any of them ????

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    Hey Italo,

    I occassionally see a girl from Calgary by the name Janice. Apparently she is visiting Van right now or soon. Great legs and derriere but not a great chest--real pretty face. A bit of attitude but we've connected in a cool way and ongoing way.

    Also I used to see Naughty Nia. You can still see her pics on

    She hasn't been working for a while but I have a contact number. She told me she still wants to work but the number on the site is not in service---as far as I know. I would have to ask her if she wants any new biz. We have a great time together --she could really get into DATY--which I'm pretty keen on--but not everyone's cup of tea.

    Spoke to Beyonca but she didn't really impress me as service oriented--she was more concerned with having the image of an expensive and high end call girl.


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