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Thread: Monica Lewinsky

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    Talking Monica Lewinsky

    Did you hear that Monica Lewinsky voted for the Republicans last year?

    She claimed that the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth!

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    Did you guys see Bill Clinton playing the saxaphone on SNL?

    He was good but I hear he was even better on the whoremonica.

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    Monica's blue dress.

    "Did you hear that Monica Lewinsky voted for the Republicans last year? She claimed that the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth!"

    Democrats left a bad taste on her dress also. Their cigars were too small also.

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    Monica saved Clinton's you know what.

    Monica's blue dress has Clinton's DNA sample. What a momento.

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    say... think they'll ever have an auction for that dress? or will it end up at the Smithsonian?? lol

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    Wish I lived in Whistler.

    Monica's dress auction it on EBay.

    Just sell that blue dress with Clinton's DNA on EBay. Have the guy cloned. Bad idea. But then Clinton, Hugh Grant, Edie Murphy, James Worthy, Terrel Davis, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, they'd be naturals for PERB.

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    Monica Lewinsky went to the dry-cleaner's.

    Monica: I'd like to have this dress dry-cleaned.
    Dry-cleaner: Come again ?
    Monica: No, mustard.

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    As in "How much for a monica?"
    "Do you bbm?"

    Interesting that Bill said he never had "sexual relations" with her.
    I know an SP who thought the same way. She regarded her bbbjtc not as intimate as fs. And if that "blows your mind" some SPs regard kissing as being more intimate than bbbj.

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    Actually... that isn't as mind blowing as one might think...

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    I can totally understand why many SP's regard kissing as more intimate then bbbj's. One SP told me once, "That's only for me and my boyfriend."

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    Monica was recently rummaging through her closet. She saw an old dress, reached into the pocket and found a wad of Bill's.

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    a few good parodies I downloaded on the net

    "I let an intern go down on me"
    "I whip it out"
    "so you wanna be my intern"

    entertaining if you can find them

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