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Thread: Top 5 MPs In Vancouver

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    Top 5 MPs In Vancouver

    I think it will be great if we can have a little poll on which 5 MPs are the best in Vancouver and what their winning factor will be.
    More of it, let's concentrate on the girls and the service.
    So hit it on guys!

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    SuperDog, maybe you should list your top 5 first!
    The truth is out there

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    Hee hee. I haven't really try out since I am new down here. I was active in other countries but haven't done any in Vancouver. So I won't be able to give anything. Only the good brothers here can provide us their experiences and ratings....


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    Active in other countries MPs.

    If you were active in other countries, then it is easy to set yourself up for disappointment in Vancouver.

    What other countries were you active in?

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    Some MP countries are worse than Canada.

    "If you were active in other countries, then it is easy to set yourself up for disappointment in Vancouver."

    Not if he came from US or England.

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    Based on the number of posts here:

    Bex (definitely tops!), Mystique, Temptations, CC and CL. CC and CL have seen much better times and are my ATF. Hope they get back to the way they were.

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    Oh no...hahaha. I came from Asia. Where all the happenings are there. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, been there all before. I think the atmosphere in Vancouver loses. Because in many places I went, I can relax at the spa or whatsoever for 2 hours, I can even have free food. How much I pay is only for the massage which is $35 for 45mins on average. The action comes in say for 15-20 mins. S

    So you are right. Vancouver does suck though in this part. If only they have spas and jacuzzis.

    Price is around the same. The lowest I have paid for FS is $80. Not too bad. So much for my experience!

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    Spas, Jacuzzis ...

    Perhaps an exclusive AMP in Richmond may come close to your asian experience? Do post a review after you've checked it out!
    I'm sure the "round eyes" here would like to know more.

    I've heard of massage places in asia having 2 holes in them, for both heads. That way you get a back massage from one and another lady does some work on the undercarriage.

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    The Top 5 are!

    1.College Cuties - Almost all the girls are hot/cute and good value for the money.
    2. Broadway Bodycare - usually a hottie or two on had. The pricing is very good
    3. Mystique - Lots of girls to pick from...a little pricer than the two above.
    4. Bex - If you like asians, check this place out
    5. Diamond Bodycare - This place has some real gems, and the pricing is excellent - 145 for 1/2 hr. They could be #1 on this list, but your 145 gets u only a Bj or a pump, not both.
    Your Friend,


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    what about Cloud 9 Ham? Perhaps when or if you buy them out it might make the top 5?

    Many reviews here on Temptations. Any reason why it did'nt make your list?

    My all time favorites were College Cuties and Classy Ladies but alas they are not what they used to be. College Cuties is'nt answering their phones and Classy is down to 3 ladies.

    Broadway Bodycare has only small uncomfortable massage tables and Bex too I hear.

    Surprised no one mentioned Lavanda (formerly The Den), Lotus Relaxation, Silhouette and Russian Dolls (610 West 8th). Been only to Lotus and my experiences there have been mixed.

    Mystique has a good lineup. Diamond Bodycare may be worth a try.

    Just my 2 cents: For the price you pay at MP these days you're better off seeing a good independent, especially one from Victoria. Jenna and Vanessa among others. They come to Vancouver every so often, stay in nice hotels and for 200 you get msog non-rushed friendly service. Can't beat that.

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    Hey hamster,

    Any web links for the list you got?

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    No websites...sorry

    Try Diamond Bodycare. THey usually have 2 to 3 ladies on had. I've seen about 2 to 3 really hot ones there, but didn't pump since I had the farts or wasn't really into it. Just window shopping.

    THey're located near A & B sound (1 or 2 blocks east same side of street) near the PNE. Very nice establishment.
    Your Friend,


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    Question Cloud Nine?

    Hey Hamster just which Cloud Nine are you talking about buying? Where is it?

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    Open Late?

    Does anybody know which mps are open the latest? I know that BEX closes at around 11-12ish.....but I'm looking for one that opens even later than that! Afterhours pooning anybody?

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    There seemed to be a few MP's along Kingsway that were opened later. I can't remember all the names of them now but I had been to acupointe around 1-2am, there was another place closer to L'Merage that was opened at 3:15am when I pulled in. I was the last customer there. Not sure if these places still operate this late, but I think as long as the customers are coming and they haven't had any hassles from LE then no problem. Take a cruise along Kingsway around Metrotown and see if you can spot some open MP's.

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